Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou – 07

Natsume’s eyesight is damaged by the youkai, but he continues trying to help Taki.


Now this was probably the best episode of the second season without a doubt. Maybe it was the two part nature of this arc, but it was really good. Likely the most danger Natsume has been in for some time. Especially at the start he was on his own and could have gotten killed if that youkai had seriously tried to do it. But showed some courage and got himself out in time even though it meant some damage to his eyes. Just confirms that this was one of the worst youkai Natsume has had to deal with in the show. A cruel creature that doesn’t care about anything other than making others suffer for his amusement. There have been some angry youkai in the series, but this was a rare one. Luckily thanks to some help from Nyanko who was probably angrier than usual the situation managed to work out for the best.

Taki has definitely been one of my favourite characters that they’ve introduced. She’ll probably be like Natori and not show up in the story arcs very often. Still she has a great attitude and her reactions are really cute. Seeing her struggle so hard to not cuddle Nyanko that she let off a dark aura was laugh worthy. While I can’t say about her taste in cute it shows how powerful those feelings are to make it that hard to hold back. Think even Nyanko came to like her since she gave off that aura and a fan of his appearance is always welcome in his book. I’m just glad that the nightmare is finally over for her. Being afraid of interacting with people would be a horrible way to live. Not saying names is hard and just from the short time getting along with Nyanko and Natsume if she didn’t do that it would be impossible to keep many from dying. Too bad she can’t know everything that is going on with the Book of Friends. But do hope she’ll come back into the show later to help out. Show really isn’t too much about Natsume getting into romance, but if it was she would probably be my top pick.

Another major part of the episode was dealing with Natsume’s eyesight. It was only temporary but did give him a peek into life without being able to see youkai the way he did. His hearing was alright, but can’t underestimate the visual sense. At the start of it if he could have lost his ability to see youkai, it probably would have made him happy. But now he can’t deny how much he cares and wants to help when he runs into them. They are just a part of his life he can’t get rid of now. Not being able to see Madara was a tough moment for the both of them. Kind of sad seeing him kneeling in the room but being completely unable to notice what is around him. They would deny it, but their friendship is a strong one. In the end the problems were solved, but it is just another confirmation that Natsume can’t let go of that world now.

I liked the last couple episodes. It was a good story that made me smile at times. It looks like the next episode is back in the usual style with a mermaid story. Still it should be a pretty good one.

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