Kurokami – 06

Keita is kidnapped by a Motosumitami and is used as bait for Kuro.


The one thing I thought when watching this episode was how screwed Keita is. They had hinted several times throughout this series that there is something about Keita that is special. That loli mentioned it and they kept hinting at something, but I assumed it was something along the lines of him being special in a good way; however it seems he’s special because he’s so damn weak and is in a position that will drain power from him. Seeing what happened to the other guy and how much fighting the two of them have done already, Keita is absolutely screwed. This isn’t something they can really overcome either, being a substitute isn’t something you can train to get rid of or anything; he just has this huge defect that can’t be fixed. So even if Kuro and Keita become more powerful, which they are going to have to seeing how much they get their ass kicked at this level, getting more powerful would be even MORE of a drain on Keita, screwing him over even more. I’m interested to see how they’ll handle this problem, as right now it’s the biggest obstacle they’ve come across.

I did like Mikami’s story. It was interesting to see other Mototsumitami (I’m just going to call them Motos because my god that’s hard to spell out from memory and pronouncing it) Although it’s doubtful if she’ll have another important part in this series, seeing her be in that situation which was effectively the exact same situation that Kuro and Keita re in, just ten years difference, was neat. The comment about needing to trust each other was eerily important, but considering this revelation Keita has just learned of that might come kind of hard.

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  1. yes, things don’t look good for Keita, but to survive now he still has to trust and rely on Kuro even though she’s sucking the life force out of him. Keita will come to that conclusion soon enough, or else no sane member of the audience would care about him anymore.

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