White Album – 07

Touya continues to assist Misaki and soon gets pulled into another situation with Rina.


Clearly Haruka’s condition is worse than originally feared. Seems she really latched onto Touya as a central figure in her life after the death of her brother. Now that he isn’t around as much she is hitting a wall and might break down. Don’t think anyone around her has realized how bad the situation there is. Worried about what she might end up doing as this problem continues to grow. Really a stable part of Touya’s life is going to be lost since something is going to happen with her.

Mana clearly has issues. Well the amount of issues a rich loli can truly have that deserves ditching perfectly good food in the trash for less healthy food. Obviously she isn’t happy with her parents not being around much if at all. Mana seems like a smart girl so is probably annoyed with her parents setting up for tutors constantly when she doesn’t seem to need them. It probably adds to her anger since her parents don’t seem to know how smart she is. Think she’ll put up with Touya as a tutor since she can have a laugh at his expense. Really who would imagine him having Yuki as a girlfriend? Her theories are a bit out there, but suppose it’s not that bad considering the guy had a green target on his forehead.

The battle of Ogata really was entertaining to watch. Those two seem to be in competition and in this case Touya was the fall guy for it. They just run off on their theories and views without caring what the truth in the situation probably is. Wonder just what is going on in that brother’s head. I’m just not sure if he cares what Touya is up to or just honestly finds the whole thing incredibly entertaining. The whole secret room thing was great when you got to see it in full. I mean we found out earlier it wasn’t just a closet, but wow that’s really something! Can’t believe the owner built something like that in the back. Guess it explains how the heck he keeps the place going despite nobody else ever showing up.

Think we’re getting close to Rina’s good deeds coming back to haunt her. I truly think she is just trying to help Touya and Yuki stay together. It seems that spending too much time around Touya is giving the guy ideas. It would be a shame that after all her efforts all she managed to do was getting Touya to fall for her. She is probably the most dynamic character in the show so it’s somewhat understandable.

The Misaki saga continues to unfold. Think Akira should at least make an attempt to do something and be satisfied however it ends. Instead he’s still playing just a nice friend that’s around. Is he waiting for her to fail at getting Touya and then make his move? At this point think he and Misaki will end up disappointed in not getting who they wanted. I do understand Misaki is mad Touya walked off for a while. But it seemed more that he was using chan in regards to Rina and she was jealous. That feels incredibly stupid to me since he’s not dating Misaki. Feel her hanging around Touya so much will at least help spark a major incident with someone else in the female cast. I’m just not sure if she will make an aggressive move or not.

Honestly feels like we are getting closer and closer to something big happening. Just too many landmines and Touya is bound to step on one eventually. Guess if you watch races for the crashes this will be the series to watch.

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