White Album – 06

Misaki gets into club trouble and turns to Touya for assistance.


We’re definitely moving toward a dangerous point. Or at the very least Touya seems to be walking right into a dangerous area. He’s getting more and more involved with multiple people that something is going to give eventually. Yuki still has no clue what is going on here and will be the most surprised when something happens. She is also a bit at fault for not talking more about how things are between them. Yet Touya is tossing out white lies and making decisions about their relationship unilaterally. It’s not a bad thing to be worried about her career and how he could be a problem. It becomes more of an issue when he doesn’t let her in or even say that something is bothering him. Think the manager and Touya should keep in mind the emotional state of Yuki. Have to believe the song was having problems because she was worried about Touya and not getting into contact with him. What does that manager think a breakup will do to her? Apparently the woman is short on emotions so maybe empathy is beyond her.

I can’t really blame Touya for helping Misaki in this situation. Now I don’t know what she is thinking about this, but it just seems like he wants to help a friend out. Definitely doesn’t appear interested in her so she can probably stop checking up her looks in the mirror. Considering the situation think its foolish of her to be trying to use this to spend more time alone with Touya. She would have rejected just about any other suggestions to help even if Akira had some more free time. Not sure how long she has been interested, but should probably try to let it go. Sure he wouldn’t be rough on her like that other guy apparently was, but that’s because he isn’t going to do anything. Probably doesn’t realize Akira’s feelings, though it’s not like she has to return them either way. Just think Akira shouldn’t blame Touya for where Misaki’s interest lays. Just isn’t the protagonist so he’s bound to suffer.

The talk that Touya had with Akira makes me wonder. What the heck was Touya doing last year? If he wasn’t on dates with Yuki (maybe he was and his memory really does suck) and he wasn’t at school, just where was he? Really doesn’t make sense that he was simply laying in his room for days on end doing nothing at all. But at the same time it makes you wonder how strong this relationship really is. Seems to be in greater danger of crumbling no matter what Rina tries.

Rina definitely seems to be trying to help things. She is probably trying to get in touch with Touya so she can set things up. Have to believe she has an idea what is going on with Yayoi. Considering the past connections she won’t like that woman messing around with Yuki for what is likely her own career. Still can’t see her making any moves in regard to Touya unless everything goes to hell and something terrible happens to her. Right now she is just one of the few in Yuki’s corner that want to support her relationship.

Things are getting busy and it may be too much for Touya to process. Getting too used to lying will probably come back to haunt him. Right now just don’t know how it will finish up.

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