Clannad ~After Story~ – 19

Tomoya begins to live with Ushio and goes with her to see his father.


I really absolutely loved this episode. Although it wasn’t as big in terms of emotions or events happening as several of the most recent episodes, there was just something about the feeling of this episode that was great to see. First starting out it was nice to finally see some things be happy for once. A lot of drama and tragedy has happened recently and seeing Tomoya be with Ushio in a very happy way was really something I have wanted to see. Then, although not the most cheerful of subjects, Tomoya’s talk with his dad I thought was great. It was emotional in a non tragic way. He finally really saw all his father did for him with different eyes and the way he relieved his father of this guilt and burden he has been carrying for so long was quite touching I found. The happiness light was a great touch, both when they showed it when Ushio was with Tomoya and then when they were saying goodbye to his father. It was quite emotional but in a very nice wrapping up loose ends kind of way.

I’m really looking forward to them showing more interactions with all the old characters. I loved the bit they had with Fuuko in this episode. It wasn’t super annoying or random like some of the other times they showed her in the past, it was just a nice cameo showing her being somewhat weird but in a believable manner. I’m sure they’ll show Kyou soon because it’s obvious she’s the kindergarten teacher that is away on a break that takes care of Ushio. Since they’re showing her hopefully they’ll show some of the others. A five year gap can really change some of the people so it will be interesting to see them all really settled in whatever careers they are in and so on.

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