Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou – 04

Natsume finds an egg and raises the dragon that is born from it.


This was a really feel good kind of episode. Getting to watch Natsume and Nyanko take care of an egg and the newly born chick was quite nice. They make an interesting pair of parents in this one. Their fights are usually fairly entertaining events but they did pretty well here. Some good insults like Nyanko calling Natsume a matchstick and Natsume being glad the chick saw him first and took after his image instead of Nyanko. But really shows that they are pair that really has gotten close. While Nyanko did sneak off once to drink alcohol, he was willing to help take care of an egg that Natsume took it upon himself to raise.

Surprising that it turned out to be a dragon egg and that a rat youkai was after it. Natsume has made it a habit to stick his nose into things no matter the eventual danger to himself. Luckily that once again a good deed came back to save him. Even though turning into a dragon set things up for another dangerous situation. Luckily Tama went back to normal without anything bad happening. Just too bad he had to leave Natsume for now since he had finally gotten old enough. But can always believe that Tama will show up again.

It’s just an episode that shows Natsume’s growth as a person. Showed good understanding knowing that Tama wasn’t eating because he didn’t want to grow up and leave. Hopefully Natsume continues to develop as the series goes on.

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