Clannad ~After Story~ – 18

Tomoya learns things about his past during his trip with Ushio and learns what he must do now.


I was really surprised with how much they portrayed Tomoya’s father as a good person. I really did see him as a bad person for how bad of a father he was an all they showed him, and although while those events still exist and he isn’t a perfect person, it was much more understandable and I felt sorry for him rather then disliking him. I mean, after the woman he loved dies he then proceeded to willingly give up everything he had in his life in order to be a good father. Although he hit some bumps, it’s not like he neglected Tomoya. He gave everything he had for him to the degree of falling into despair himself. All things considering, committing to another like that he isn’t so bad. This episode was a lot more interesting and emotional then I thought it was going to be. I expected it to more or less show Tomoya still not being a good father; I didn’t think they’d turn it around so fast. I thought it would only be near the end when Tomoya really got a slap in the face about the reality of the situation, but it happened here. Again, I admit I cried when they talked about Tomoya’s father and compared it to him, then when Tomoya was recalling everything about Nagisa to Ushio. It was a very emotional episode, especially considering no huge event happened, they just talked about the situation.

I’m curious where the series will go from here. I was really surprised with how well they handled things. They gave a good reason for Tomoya to see what he was doing wrong, compare it to what his father went through, and realize he needs to effectively get over it. Right now, the series could almost come to an end. Without any more episodes I could easily see this episode having been the final one. After all Tomoya came face to face with the problems his father had, realizing he needs to do better. He saw how much Ushio needed him, and he resolved to do better. He let his emotions out. It really seemed that when he was crying on the train about Nagisa that it was really the first time he let himself cry over the event. He mentioned how as a grownup there are times you can’t cry even when you want to, and I think that’s the first time he let himself cry over what happened to Nagisa. That shows that he has really actually faced what happened for the first time, and with that things are pretty well concluded. Now, obviously it ISN’T the final episode so I’m curious what they’ll bring into fill up the rest of the episodes. Obviously visiting his father and there will likely be something to do with Tomoya forgiving him or telling him he was a good father. Beyond that the only thing I really want is for them to show more happy moments so they can effectively stress that the tragedy pat has been overcome. I’d love to see the other characters back again, as the OP shows Kyou seems to be working as a kindergarten teacher and the other’s see to have some interaction with Ushio so if that could be shown I think it would be really neat to see.

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  1. I could actually see this being the final episode, it’s not, there’s quite a lot of material left from VN so don’t worry. I’m guessing the remaining eps will be used to tie up loose ends and then the final push will be needed before the ending will come.

  2. i agree, this was a pretty good episode, enough to maybe wrap-up the series. but i’d also like to see the other characters return and interact with Usio. i hope that they will end in a proper way too and personally i’d just like to see Tomoya and Ushio together, its nice and bittersweet. the nagisa end in this episode was good too and i hope it stays that way and not overdo anything X)

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