Tales of the Abyss – 18

Luke and the others fight against Van to try and save the people living on the Outer Lands.


Finally the battle against Van got started. I thought that they should have just tried to take him out as soon as they could. Since it is based on a game they probably just weren’t at the right level for it yet. Either way it goes to show that ganging up on someone really improves your chances compared to fighting in a duel like setting. Thus the reason why Luke and Asch went down while the group effort managed to defeat Van. It’s either that or Guy is just far more powerful than everyone else in the group.

Van continues the strange trend of enemies falling to their apparent deaths. First it was Sync, then the God Generals were caught in an avalanche, and now Van just falls into the abyss. Suppose it keeps the option for them to pop back since if you don’t see a body that means they might still be alive. At least its proven from the preview that not all the God Generals are dead. Arietta is apparently doing alright since she ran into the group in the preview. For a guy who wanted to wipe out the world Van did give up fairly easily. Think someone with convictions that strong would fight until the bitter end. Instead he just stuck his sword in the ground and fell.

The message that Luke received shows that this isn’t nearly over yet. Of course Luke being his normal self just ignores this for months. I mean you get what appears to be a pretty significant message from someone other than Asch and yet you tell no one? Guess there are some things about Luke that will never change no matter what happens. Probably take another episode before he passes that to the others who they will have to catch up with.

A nice thing was settling the situation between Luke and Natalia. Finally allowed her to move on and accept him as another childhood friend. He’s simply a different Luke that she knew growing up. She didn’t have to try and fit him into a role that he didn’t belong to. While things are far from settled with their romantic relationships it’s a good thing that they can count on each other as friends. Although considering his actions at the end with Noelle, the guy clearly has a lot to learn about respecting personal space.

With dead people showing up in the preview can be sure that things really aren’t over yet.

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