Gundam 00 2nd Season – Fate of the Couples

With a series as well covered as Gundam 00 you can talk about a lot of things. But after seeing episode 18 the one thing that made me think was the status of the pairings. I won’t deny that I get pulled into the pairings in these shows. At this point really wonder just which ones will get a satisfying conclusion and which ones may be more doomed to tragedy. So will give my take on a few of the key pairings and where they may end up. I have no inside information so really is just my speculations at this point. Still worthwhile to look at the current situation and how the characters have gotten to this point.

Allelujah x Marie – You knew when these two got together so early that there would be trouble ahead. It is just not interesting to watch without an additional problem to overcome. That problem turned out to be the death of Sergei. It was a sad event for people who liked his character and much more so for Marie. Which it was the Soma personality that interacted with him you can see how much she cared about him. The other personalities are part of the main personality. After seeing Sergei killed by her own son it seems that Soma has come out to take the lead in getting revenge. Losing her father figure was probably too much for the kind hearted Marie. Like many people somewhere she wanted revenge and Soma came out to achive that. But now it’s made things difficult with Allelujah who doesn’t want her fighting. Made a promise with Sergei to keep her out of fighting and yet now he is helpless to do anything. Lyle may be right in that he has to understand her feelings right now. Right now fighting with her may be all he can do. But also Allelujah has the responsibility to turn her from revenge. Doing this will only turn her into Andrei who killed to avenge his mother. Think this pair has the best chance of making it since they just have to deal with this. At least they are together with this problem rather than apart.

Saji x Louise – Another pairing that is centred on revenge. Louise is in a tougher position having been seeking revenge for years now. Ever since her family was killed by Nena life has not been the same. Think Saji is right in that she channelled her pain into hate and now her life is devoted to destroying Celestial Being. It has been a long road for these two dating back to the first season. Back then just seemed to represent people living in those kinds of times and now have become main characters. An important piece to their future is the growth of Saji. He started the series with his own hate that was somewhat weaker than Louise. The guy was also focused on what he had lost and how he didn’t want to be connected to the situation. Spent so much time being angry and ignoring what was going on that he played a part in the Kataron situation. Only recently has he focused on what he has to do now. Not the kind of person that will go and pull the trigger to kill others. But now he’s focused on what comes next and trying to help Louise. Even through all that’s happened they still have feelings for each other. The real issue is on Louise’s side since she has to deal with Saji being part of Celestial Being. What she hates and the one she loves are now aligned. The example of Andrei who was willing to kill his father for revenge has to be in her mind. Will she turn into Andrei and kill Saji or will she find another way? The next battle won’t solve everything for the two of them. This kind of struggle will go right to the end of the series. At most the next fight will let Saji see what Louise is like right now and maybe let him plant some doubts in Louise’s mind about what she is doing. These two have gone from a close pair to fighting on opposite sides. Think they have the potential to turn out alright since they have been through so much. Be just too sad for things to not work out.

Setsuna x Marina – Another pairing that has some history. Initial encounters early in the first season have slowly built something between these two. While Marina was in danger of being shot at the end of episode 18 I’m not that worried. If she dies it will be in a situation much closer to Setsuna. Since a death like that has a lesser impact if it happens far away. They are two people who want a peaceful world, but have been taking different routes to get there. Marina sings (badly) and Setsuna fights with his Gundam. Perhaps her greatest contribution is showing Setsuna that there is another way to live. Has made Setsuna hesitate on a few occasions, but also shows his difference from Bushido. With that wound contaminated by GN particles and the final battle looming its hard to say how Setsuna will fare. Do think it’s possible that he will retire from the battlefield and end up with Marina in some fashion. Personally not a pairing I’m that involved with. Just don’t like Marina that much for some reason and so don’t have as much to say about them.

Lyle x Anew – This is the most recent pairing to come into play. I didn’t expect Anew to be the love interest for Lyle when she first showed up. But suppose that they had to introduce someone new for that guy. Feldt just wouldn’t work since it was his brother that she cared about. Their relationship has progressed steadily and hit the high point with saying he loved her in front of the bridge crew. Since things are going so well it’s inevitable that something bad will happen. It was clear from her appearance that she is an Innovator. Now that in itself isn’t a bad thing since Tieria is just as much one. But the real issue is that they are using her to track CB and thus taking away any stealth the group had. But there are questions about what will happen when this is made fully public. Does the girl have a more Innovator like personality hidden? Since the show does love their multiple personalities, it is possible. If one came out and took control that would put yet another pair on opposite sides of the battlefield. Just the fact that she is a tracking device could make things tough for them. Hard to believe Lyle doesn’t at least suspect something. With the whole glowing eyes showing that there is something wrong. The future of these two is more uncertain with her being connected to the main enemies. Besides be a surprise if all the pairings ended happily.

At the end of the day there is potential for a positive conclusion and for tragedy. Just a question of how the writers want it all to work out. Personally wouldn’t mind the pairings turn out alright since there are some likable characters involved. Yet last season had some deaths of main characters. We’ve already had some deaths with Sergei getting killed by Andrei. But don’t think that will be the end of it all. So will continue to watch the series with interest and yet being aware of how things could go wrong.

5 thoughts on “Gundam 00 2nd Season – Fate of the Couples”

  1. I agree with most of what you said. The best case scenario for Allelujah is for the Soma personality to subside and that’s probably more likely to happen when she kills Andrei. I’m rooting for her to kill Andrei by the way… Andrei needs to die.

    Marina and Setsuna are probably the least close of all the couples, since we all know that Setsuna’s true love is his Gundam. In a way they are not really a couple, more like just friends.

    I’m hoping for happy endings all around, but given that this is Gundam a few named characters will have to die at the end. Hopefully the death toll won’t be too tragic.

  2. Trust me when it comes to Andrei I’m all for him dying. I mean the guy is so full of crap it’s unbelievable. Talks about protecting people unlike his father, yet Sergei kept his wife in the front lines to protect innocent engineers. He didn’t bother even listening since he wanted to use his father being there as an excuse to kill him. Just not sure that it’s going to be Soma who does it. Don’t think the series wants to encourage the cycle of revenge. Think either Andrei will develop past this or someone else will kill him. Maybe its what they have been holding Hallelujah back for. He’d certainly enjoy taking down Andrei as much as he enjoys killing anyone.

    I’m pulling for happy endings. Life is depressing enough without adding some tragic/bittersweet endings to shows. Still it is Gundam so someone is bound to die along the way. Characters not involved in relationships like Lasse, Feldt, and Sumeragi could be in trouble. Just hope the pairings can make it through.

  3. I’m more or less irritated with such little screentime Ali has had this whole time. Also, last episode was simply hilarious with Feldt giving Setsuna a flower and Setsuna immediately going towards his Gundam.

  4. @Blah
    Yeah guess my intuition of things not being optimistic was right. Wasn’t sure she was going to die, but guess not everyone can make it through alright. Just wonder if that means they will bust up more pairings or if that was just to show that they are willing to.

    Yeah Ali really hasn’t been around much at all. Think the only reason they didn’t have Setsuna kill him was to save it for a final battle with Tieria. They haven’t decided to let Ali do anything and yet they haven’t killed him either.

    Did not see Feldt making that move. I mean the only Meister I would have guessed her to get close to was Tieria. With him being available and him being the only meister that was with CB between seasons. Don’t think she’ll make it in though. I mean getting between Setsuna and his Gundam is tough.

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