Maria + Holic – 05

Kanako gets elected to the student council, in which both Ryuuken and Mariya participate.


This episode was alright, but as the show seems to be showing more and more, it’s not the kind to have a lot of really meaningful thing s happen, rather lots of random fun things. I absolutely loved the whole concept of the confiscated items bit with the dorm. It wasn’t actually a big deal for them to have these items, even if she found them; as long as they were well hidden it was alright. The whole assigning points to them, giving them a chance to hide them again. I actually thought that whole LCD in a picture frame thing was brilliant; it should have gotten a higher score.

There does seem to be some potential for interesting interactions now that Kanako is in the student council. Of course Ryuuken and Mariya are going to be in it, as well as the Student Council President and so far those are some of the more important or at least more influential characters. I’m actually surprised they haven’t used the President very much. She seems to have a lot of potential for some interesting events because it seems she knows Mariya’s secret, as she is a childhood friend of him after all. If she knew Kanako knew or was being “tortured” by him then they could easily have some interesting interactions. Aside from that and random comedy bits, nothing much is going on really in the series.

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