Kurokami – 05

Kuro fights against the mysterious Mototsumitami that has appeared before them.


Despite anything else that this episode brought up plot wise, the actual fight between Kuro and the other guy was a very good fight to watch. Although in the end it seems Kuro was horribly outmatched, some of the choreography o the fight like the kicks and punches were pretty cool, plus the stampede ability the other guy had was pretty impressive. Overall if the fights between skilled people were this interesting, as opposed to some of the fights we’ve seen so far like against Tribal Ends, then the rest of this series should be fun to watch, as I foresee it having a lot of fights.

One thing that really struck me after this episode was through was that more or less, Keita and Kuro are screwed. They were enormously outmatched against hose two. Even when Kieta and Kuro where synched and the others not, they could barely hurt them, and when they synchro’d Kuro was just blown away. If they are this weak compared to others, I worry for their ability to hold their own later on in the series, as it seems to be someone’s innate ability that makes them strong, it’s not something they can easily train to get better.

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  1. Kuro and Keita are sucking right now is probably because Keita isn’t really into the fighting along side Kuro, which probably affects how good their synchro is. As with any shounen series though they’ll get better along the way lol.

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