Kurokami – 04

When running from pursuers, Keita and Kuro encounter another set of Mototsumitami and Contractee.


This episode didn’t really have a lot happening in it until the very end. The most interesting part was the girl seemed to indicate Keita wasn’t exactly human. She asked if he made a contract knowing what he is. He seemed to say he was human, but she wouldn’t have said that if he really was. Either way, now that another group of people are involved, things will get far more complicated. It isn’t just Kuro and Keita up against some bad guys, there are multiple factions involved.

I really hope Keita becomes a better character. So far he has disappointed me. He’s just so much of a baby, yelling at Kuro for dragging him into this, not wanting to fight, he’s such a wimp. It’s not Kuro’s fault at all. In fact, Kuro was fighting on her own and HE decided to go and help her out, which is what caused him not to be able to return to school. He needs to be more of a man, accept the situation and help out. It’s not like he didn’t gain anything from all of this, his life was saved for god’s sake. Anyways, I hope he becomes a better, more likable character or no matter how good any plot in this show gets, it’ll be hard to really like the series.

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