Druaga no To – The Sword of Uruk – 05

Jill and the others face the new Mythical Tower and its more fearsome creatures.


This episode was alright, but ultimately it seems that not much happened. It seems that I’m so worried about how the show is progressing, if they are going to have time to fit in the entire plot content, that even if the episode is good, if it doesn’t advance the plot leaps and bounds I get worried. However, really looking at it, if their goal is just to kill the evil Gil at the top of the tower, then it might not actually take another season after this. Although not much has happened, they’ve revealed enough of some of the mysteries that it’s possible to finish this up. It actually doesn’t seem much more complicated than finding evil Gil and killing him. Now, it’s not THAT simple, as they still haven’t fully talked about the blue ghost Neeba talks to, or why Neeba is even doing this. I have a feeling he wants immortality and he’ll become a problem, but there does seem to be much less mystery now, even if they are moving slowly.

As I somewhat said above, this was a really good episode if you don’t worry about how fast or far the overall plot is progressing. Although it boiled down to handling one problem to simply advance a floor in the tower, it was a rather interesting one. It was a fairly unique situation and it was fairly exciting to see them problem solve the shadow problem and face off against this enemy. I just hope that future problems and enemies are as interesting as these, if they are then it will definitely make the show better, as I’m sure there are plenty more episodes where they just deal with an isolated situation to simply advance another step towards the top.

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