Clannad ~After Story~ – 16

Tomoya and Nagisa prepare for Ushio’s birth, knowing what it might cost them.


Wow. This episode was more emotional then I could ever have anticipated. I knew Nagisa was going to die. I absolutely knew it, and I was pretty sure it was going to happen in this episode because of the name of the preview for it and the name of the episode. Still, knowing it was going to happen didn’t do a thing to deter the sadness and tragedy. I fully admit, I was crying during the whole labor scene. Not just watering eyes, but full tears. Sure sad and tragic things happen several times in anime; however this seemed to connect on an almost entirely different level. With both seasons of this show I’ve watched Clannad for almost a year, with each episode being weekly. There was such a strong connection to these characters that I really felt the tragedy happening to them much more. Nagisa was such an amazing character, always thinking of others, very kind and innocent, always hoping for others best and for her to die after having her be such a huge part of this series for such a long time really it home with me. This really was one of the saddest anime moments ever really. There are other anime where I’ve cried, but I really don’t think it compares at all to this series and this episode. It wasn’t just this one tragic event that was sad, its everything that this means. It was them knowing it was a possibility, its Tomoya now hating himself for doing this to Nagisa. I just can’t express enough how sad this moment was and how much it really meant for the series and me.

This episode also really had me interested and curious as to what exactly this metaphor other world thing is. The story of the girl and the robot has been throughout the series but has always been very cryptic about what exactly it means. Then, we have Kotomi again bringing up this topic and issue of other worlds. When she talked about it in the first season, it didn’t seem as if it was that important. In fact when her story boiled down to not really dealing with them very much I kind of dismissed it. However, they brought it up again here, and in such a crucial and important time I the series that it HAS to mean something. Even more, it ties in the play that Nagisa did. Talking of other worlds, Tomoya remembered Nagisa’s play about the world that had ended, and a scene from the girl and robot flashed before him, which is a story of a world that has ended. It’s just taxing my brain as to what exactly this other world thing and metaphor of a world that has ended means. The metaphor scene, which is what I call the whole girl and robot thing, was interspersed throughout the whole episode this time and not just at the beginning. It also seemed to connect far more with what the rest of the series is doing and focusing on, as the robot or girl or both seemed to be dying, and well Nagisa died as well. I don’t’ want to make any real guesses right now, as there are far too many possibilities I can think of, but it obviously means something important and big.

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  1. The illusionary world does play a part, but if I tell ya, it’ll ruin it. Just wait, you’ll see how it ties in.

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