Maria + Holic – 04

Kanako tries to deal with Ryuuken hanging around her all the time to protect her from bullying.


Although this show has pretty much concretely been established as a very weird show, I still can’t help but love it for how charming it is. There are times that I’ll just constantly laugh for a small time at these comments and things that happen. Just small things like Kanako proclaiming to herself how awesome it is to have Ryuuken protecting her, or referring to her harem with Kiri and the others. The small things like the little fantasies she has are really the best part of the show. There isn’t really much chance for a serious development, character growth or plot, but if it has enough of these charming funny random moments like it, the show will still be fine.

I was surprised to hear them give Ryuuken a bit of an interesting story, with her history of feeling she let people down with the whole dog and cat thing. Although it was somewhat of a bizarre story it seemed to be focused on the serious aspects in it. However, as the show isn’t really one to focus on the serious stuff, not a lot came from her telling this story, but it was still interesting to hear. There are some things they’ve shown that look like they could affect the future of the series, but as I said, I doubt it will be in any kind of a real or serous lasting manner.

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  1. Kanako gained Kiri and Ryuuken but lost both of them in this episode. Don’t know when they’ll truly be Kanako’s harem. And this episode doesn’t have enough Mariya, but that’ll be remedied in episode 6.

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