Druaga no To – The Sword of Uruk – 04

Jil and the others defeat the guardian at the top of the tower again and prepare to ascend to the Mythical Tower.


This episode definitely progressed things forward, thankfully. Without them really stepping up to get the plot moving I have a feeling nothing will get resolved. I found the conversation between Kai and Jil the most important part of the episode. I’m curious what exactly it means that there is no way for them to return once they go to the mythical tower. When they showed that flashback it seemed Kaaya knew that when she went up, that she would return dead or at least not be able to return. Even Kai said something along the lines of her not returning, that she will die by her own hands or the enemy. Now obviously they don’t’ mean suicide but it seems that whatever her goal is, which is likely killing Gil, that it will also kill her by doing so. How that ties in to the others dying I’m not sure, or if that’s even what it means, but obviously there is more to the mythical tower then it just being a normal physical space where they do something or kill some guy, it connects to the characters a lot more.

I’m interested in what or who exactly Kaaya, or Ishihara, is. Kai mentioned how she has both her and Gil’s blood so it seems like obviously she would be their child, however thinking about it, thinking about how long ago Kai’s body was supposed to die and that all of Gils’ other children died of old age due to Gils’ immortality, the matter of time and age make it more complicated than simply Kaaya being a normal child of the two of them. I’m sure they will delve into it a bit more, but right now it remains something that can easily be developed into a big deal.

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