Slayers Evolution-R – 03

Amelia and Nama combine and bring misfortune to a nearby village.


Watching all these episodes in quick succession was something. Oddly the one thing that stood out was the character assassination of Zelgadis. I mean the guy runs off after being put into the monster category by monsters, crying at the Nama/Amelia combo in episode 3, and the preview for episode 4 has him being targeted by the affections of a fish girl. The poor guy just hasn’t had a good time with all of this. Luckily its comedy episodes so pretty much everyone is acting like a fool to some degree.

Though I do think this was the best episode of Evolution-R to this point. Since it did give a deeper look to Amelia and how she has gotten this far. While we knew all of this it’s never bad to get a serious reminder of how important carrying justice is for her. Of course those that know who Nama is in reality would appreciate the combination between them all the more. Certainly the series isn’t keeping the hints subtle in this regard. In a funny way shows how the same person can be viewed in drastically different ways.

I’m sure Amelia will forget that Nama is dragging them around with no real clue where the jar is. They’ll probably be attacked by the assassin in a few episodes and that will start moving them toward the correct location. For now we can expect a few more comedy based episodes before it really starts to get serious.

Think that village learned a valuable lesson here. Sometimes your just doomed no matter what you do. They were having terrible times when they just tried to accept Amelia/Nama into the village. But when they sent them off using a trick it only came back to cause them more suffering. If it wasn’t a comedy episode you’d feel bad about their village turning into a burning abyss. Still the antics with the two girls was pretty fun to a point. Just a bit worried if they stay in sync for too long.

Anyways I’m just hoping we’ll find some seriousness along the way. Comedy is part of the Slayers formula, but its important to find the balance.

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