Slayers Evolution-R – 02

Lina’s group arrives in a new town and must face a dullahan crisis.


Well this was pretty much a standard comedy episode. This really became a little too standard for my liking during revolution. Still it wasn’t bad for what it was trying to be here. Were some laughs with the group tossing various objects on Han for a replacement head. Also felt a bit bad for Zel in this one being tossed into the monster category by monsters. Wouldn’t have minded an episode where he snapped and just hit them with a Ra Tilt. Was put in a comedic sense, but still the guy just can’t catch a break it seems. It is kind of sad when you think about it that he hasn’t made any inroads on that mission during any of the seasons. Probably due to the fact he wasn’t part of the novels past a certain point and so has been included only in the anime.

Have a feeling we’ll have plenty more of these kinds of episodes while the group goes around searching for the jar. Wasn’t likely they were going to come across it in this kind of setting. Still have to find the thing sooner or later and probably will cause some major problems when they manage it. Series has a strange ability to make me optimistic with the OP. Just hope overall this season is better than Revolution. With Slayers finally coming back it would be disappointing if the anime fell on its face here. Still its only the second episode in so no real reason to get worried about where the story is going at this point. Now if we’re 5-6 episodes in and still haven’t gotten anywhere then it might be time to wonder if this will end up working out at all.

Guess an important lesson is to be careful who you’re drinking with. A friend or idol might end up stealing your stuff. Oddly enough that’s really not a crazy thing to have happen.

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