White Album – 04

Touya and Yuki continue to miss each other on the day of their date.


This episode didn’t really help my personal opinion of Touya. For the first few episodes I thought he was fine, but it wasn’t that great in this episode. I was honestly worried about what he was going to do with that loli when he grabbed her. Naturally the best way to stop someone who is calling you a molester is to…molest them. Clearly the educational standards in 1986 were really low if someone like Touya actually got in. At a point I was hoping she’d stop asking if he was stupid since I think we confirmed that already. There is no need to rub in that the guy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Some parts of this can be taken in the wrong way and just make the guy look terrible. Like the view of the high school girls having a gym class, grabbing the loli, and fantasizing about Rina. Touya needs to figure out that someone helping you and your girlfriend spend time together doesn’t connect to her being interested in you. Guy has way too high an opinion of himself in this case.

Honestly give Rina credit for going so far out for Yuki. I’m more interested in how she and Yuki got close instead of the flashbacks of Yuki and Touya’s first meeting. All that practice time just to make sure Yuki wouldn’t be called in is going above and beyond. Since I believe she was clocked in on performing 4 or so concerts at that point. Still it got her some practice time and I suppose that can never hurt. She even tried to help Yuki by making sure Touya would be on time, by making that meeting plan at 10 so if he was late he’d arrive on time at 11. Of course if he broke the late curse she could talk to him for a bit and send him off to meet Yuki at the right time. Really wasn’t a bad plan except she sent the message when Touya was half awake. So the man brilliantly arrives at the wrong place at the right time. Too bad Rina put so much effort into the date for those two and most of it ended up being wasted.

As expected Yuki is getting her debut single, which is a big thing for her. Though she still has to debut so it’s not like she’s hit stardom quite yet. Since her manager is all over her at least her career should be alright. Though I am a bit worried about Yuki’s thinking in rushing to sleep with Touya. Sure he doesn’t remember the meeting in the woods, but that doesn’t mean she should take it to that level just so he won’t forget. In a way I guess she’s right in thinking he shouldn’t forget that night. Just have a feeling that taking this step may cause her some real problems down the road.

Like the previous episode it seems like memories will be a major problem for Yuki and Touya. She didn’t know where he was living and the same goes for him. All they have is home numbers between them. Wonder what happened in that place that is so important to Yuki. If it was such a major event I wonder why it didn’t stay in Touya’s memory. For now its not too big a problem, but I’m just worried that small things like that can build up and destroy their relationship.

For now it seems like the relationship is safe between the two. Rina doesn’t appear to be interested and the loli would be illegal. Misaki and Haruka are interesting candidates, but it doesn’t appear that either will make a major romantic move. So long as Touya doesn’t go to far there shouldn’t be a problem. But with him thinking Rina likes him there is a real chance for him to do something.

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