Slayers Evolution-R – 01

Lina and company encounter a bizarre talking armour.


On the positive the new OP was really quite nice. It could end up being a doubled edged sword in how it makes you remember the good times of the previous seasons. Revolution honestly wasn’t all that amazing so they have to do a really good job here to make it up to the fans that were excited about this. I wouldn’t have minded simply re-doing the previous seasons with a greater splash in animation. But for now we’ll just have to hope they can balance the comedy with some really serious moments.

I’m sure Zel isn’t enjoying himself getting more involved with things about Rezo. On the positive he might find some good information that can help his body as they search around. But I doubt this will be the season that he is returned to being human. In the end Zel is Zel so its not like that’s the most important thing in the world. Just not pairing him up with Amelia would be more than good enough to me.

Still there is some danger in the horizon with that assassin starting to recover. His hate for Lina is real and he’s not going to stop just because that annoying woman from last season is dead. It will be tough since he’s not in any shape for going after Lina at this stage.

Guess we’ll see where this talking armour thing goes. It was a bit strange, but a decent fight with those freeze arrows that could come out of anywhere. In the end Lina used her head and fired off a dragon slave. Just hoping we will get a major conflict this time around.

3 thoughts on “Slayers Evolution-R – 01”

  1. “Guess we’ll see where this talking armour thing goes.”

    You REALLY don’t know who she is? You got to be joking…^_^;;

    Check out the Slayers OVAs.

  2. Was trying to keep a bit of mysteriousness until they decided to officially say who it was. Besides I didn’t like those OVAs very much. So didn’t feel like it was worth giving them mention.

  3. Did you watch this episode raw or is there a subtitled version available somewhere? I checked the usual places but have not found a subbed version of this show. I am a HUGE Slayers fans and have been dying to see the new season.

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