Pictures – New Desktop, Monitor, And My Whole Anime Filled Room

About a week or so ago I got a new giant monitor for my desktop and decided that it would be a good chance to show it off along with the rest of my stuff, so I decided to give everyone a peek at my room, saturated with electronics and anime. In the past couple of months I’ve gotten quite a lot of new things that I want to show off, which you will soon see. More then just the pictures I’ll go into a bit more detail on them in paragraphs with the pictures, so lets get started shall we?

(btw, the pictures will be AFTER the description of what it is, it can be kind of confusing if you don’t know what sentence is talking about what picture)

Here’s a shot of most of my giant closet. Some of my shirts and suits/sports jackets there, as well as a purple lab coat. Why do I have a lab coat? I have no clue, I just do.

Here, we see the top part of my closet where I have shoved all of the boxes I’ve accumulated from figures. I have to keep the boxes for the figures as it seems to be the only safe way to store them if I ever put them away or need to transport them like moving, though I’m pretty much out of space now.

Here is my little table of video game stuff. As you can see I have a 360 on top with Eternal Sonata faceplate, and a Wii there on the second shelf. Then, on the bottom, which you can’t see, is a PS2. Both the PS2 and Wii fitted to play downloaded games, used for legal purposes of course. I couldn’t stand not playing Tales of Symphonia 2 without Japanese voices, as I need to hear Shana as a video game character, so even though I bought the game I use a downloaded undub version. Anyways, that’s this little section.

Here’s a shot of my custom built desktop, on a very dirty carpet as you can see, next to a subwoofer. I built the computer myself, named Reinforce. When I upgrade it in a year or so I’ll name it Reinforce Zwei. It’s got 4GB RAM, a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ video card, and dual core CPU. I made it mainly for gaming, as I have a laptop too but my old desktop just was so weak I had to get a better one. I don’t know how much you can tell from the picture but the case is pretty damn big.

Here, is the thing that started this post in motion, my computer monitor next to my surround sound speakers. The monitor is 26 inches, 1920 x 1200 native res so it supports 1080p and it has a built in TV tuner so at the hit of a button I go from PC desktop to TV. Although its not as big as the giant monitors some may have, it’s actually almost too big for this space, as I sit rather close and can’t push the monitor any further back on the desk. It’s not THAT much bigger, so pretty much just fine as it is. Games looks absolutely amazing on it, with that high of a resolution and a desktop powerful enough to handle it, it’s great.

Here’s Konata cheering for the new monitor.

Here’s my laptop, it’s rather old, over two years, but it still works. Her name is Ilfa, after the To Heart 2 android.

Here is the small pedestal next to my desk where I keep a lot of my electronics. There are five of my external hard drives, I have more but those are the ones I’m using now, filled with anime, TV series, and *cough*downloadedpcps2wiigcpspdsgames*cough*. You can see my DS and PSP there, and usually my iPod Touch is there but it was in my pocket at the time. My phone, keys, and three remotes for my two TVs and TiVo. Also there’s a little Nanatsuiro Drops postcard calendar thing that came with my Sumomo Nendoroid/DS game package.

Another shot of the pedestal, and you may have noticed that there is now a second DS on top of the black one. Well, I’m not going to tell you why I have two DSs, you’ll just have to always wonder.

Here’s a shot of most of my desk in which you can see the laptop, desktop, monitor, and pedestal.

Here we have my bulletin board next to my desk filled with a bunch of anime pictures torn from some Japanese magazines that came with some of my purchases of other anime merchandise. Also my work schedule there, so I suppose if you knew where I worked you could come hunt me down since you know what time I’ll be there, but you don’t know where I work so you can’t. Not to mention this post is going up at the end of that schedule anyways, so by the time you read this it’ll be a different schedule, so HA. *ahem* anyways, yeah…

Here’s a bad picture of my coat, it’s a leather trench coat/duster. Since this post is about my new stuff, I included this as I just got it for Christmas.

Here’s a rather blurry shot of my anime art books, along with a giant tomb of a book and Japanese tea cup.

Here are some quick shots of the figures displayed on top of my dresser and shelves, if you notice the Figure Page here on my site, pretty much all of them I have yet to take full pictures of.

Here are more figures on top of my bookcase next to my bed, as you can see some Dune books at the bottom there and you may notice two odd looking “plush” things there. They were made by me, and are my own personal Shugo Charas, Xebek and Xeby-chan. Yeah…that’s right, I made my own Shugo Charas. You can also see that four of my figures are pretty much completely hidden, which is because I’m quickly running out of room for them, it’s also very dusty.

Here are some wide shots of the room to kind of show where those things are I’ve shown you.

Well that’s about all, I just leave you asking what kind of anime set up do you have at your residence?

7 thoughts on “Pictures – New Desktop, Monitor, And My Whole Anime Filled Room”

  1. Christ your room is decked out, what do you work as if you don’t mind me asking? You also wouldn’t by any chance own any Gundam figures eh?

  2. DAAAAYUM boy. I have the same speakers but that makes me a douchebag for comparing your otaku castle to my grumpy salaryman basement corner.

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