Maria + Holic – 03

Kanako continues to have weird things happen to her when other girls become jealous of how close she has become with Ryuuken.


This series has become far more weird and silly then I expected it to be. Things started out fine, and with an interesting premise that didn’t have to have a lot of crazy wacky thing happen for interesting content, but they seem to happen anyways. Things like the crazy “Alaria Monster” just seem needlessly weird and wacky. The situation of someone who is somewhat of a lesbian going to an all girls’ school but being roomed with a cross-dressing boy is by far enough of a set up for the show to be good. I hope they get back to some of that and stray a bit away from the wacky stuff, as the show is fine without it.

I am curious what kind of events will happen with things like Kiri saying she is dating Kanako and Ryuuken saying she’ll protect her. I’m pretty sure the whole Kiri thing is just about her trying to help Kanako out, saying that will get he other girls to leave her alone, but it should be interesting to see how Kanako deals with it because she obviously doesn’t realize that. The whole Ryuuken thing I can see causing way more problems though. It was a big enough deal to cause all the bullying when Ryuuken just interacted with Kanako a little, but now that she’s sworn to protect her things will probably get even more crazy and weird. Not to mention how it will interfere with Mariya trying to keep and eye on Kanako and mess with her. I think that’s where the real interesting part of this show will come from, seeing how Mariya deals with having Ryuuken interfere with what she’s trying to do with Kanako.

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  1. Yeah, the show is pretty weird. Other than the Alaria monster, there’s also the creatures that live in Kanako’s bag, even though Mariya said that it was empty. Anyways, it was about time they brought on the yuri harem (plus one cross-dressing boy).

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