Clannad ~After Story~ – 15

Tomoya starts to worry about Nagisa’s health and condition throughout her pregnancy.


This episode was pretty damn important. Even though it kind of seems that not a lot happened, after all Nagisa and Tomoya just kind of talked about stuff to come, nothing happened with the pregnancy like birth or anything however I thought this episode was one of the most important ones they’ve had in a long time because all of the things they discussed. They really seemed to kind of stress this whole family issue, that Tomoya really is part of Akio and Sanae’s family and there were some strong issues such as parenthood that arose, and things like Akio recalling the night Nagisa collapsed. There were a lot of emotion, most subtle, that were expressed though the characters.

I really just started to tear up at the end of this episode, not because it was a happy moment or a sad moment, but because I just know that Nagisa is going to end up dying. I have this horrible feeling that that’s the way it’s going to end up and hearing them talk about the baby and their future and having this feeling of impending disaster was very saddening. Of course, the preview showing Nagisa writhing in pain didn’t exactly help either, plus the title of the next episode, white darkness obviously seems to imply something bad, the darkness, happens but a good thing comes form it, the white, the baby. GAH! It’s one thing for a sad thing to happen; it’s another to be tortured by knowing it’s going to happen and having to just wait for the moment everything crashes down.

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  1. When Nagisa says “…and watch over Ushio” I can’t help but feel she almost knows, even though that isn’t what she meant

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