White Album – 03

Touya gets a job from Rina and gets to share a moment with Yuki.


Things are certainly getting interesting with the series. Rina really is the character that I like the most in the early going of this show. Really has the ability to surprise you and can put up a fun performance. Agree with Yuki’s statement that she goes at 100% in the things she does. The part where she slaps Touya and sets up a moment for him and Yuki was pretty good. Wasn’t sure what she was thinking since you could understand to a degree being upset about the goofy waving during her work. At the same time thinking she wouldn’t be upset since she got Touya the job in order for him to spend time with Yuki. Everything did make sense soon after with her messing up the room and making it seem like she was upset. Hopefully she ends up happy in whatever way since she really does put in effort for others. While the situation could go badly it seems like Rina’s motives are pretty honourable. Sure she may have some interest, but her actions have been really supportive. Even Touya has probably been a little overwhelmed since she is such a strong personality. Might have to worry a bit about a YukixRina finish with the number of times Yuki said she loved Rina. Of course I’m kidding on that point.

Do wonder about Touya though, with him lying to Yuki a couple times. Think he used the lie about Rina without even thinking about it. Suppose some people would just say their friend was on the phone rather than something that could sound complicated. Also I guess saying that Haruka was just standing outside his door wouldn’t be easy to say either. Still I do think slipping into a lie like that could make some trouble later on. I just wonder how his relationships with others will continue to grow. At the moment he really hasn’t crossed the line anywhere. But things can happen quickly especially in anime. So will just have to see where he takes things.

A nice thing was seeing Touya and Yuki together on the roof. Can tell that they do feel strongly for each other even though there difficulties. Just have to wonder if they can make it through everything. Have to think it was that manager of hers that spotted them on the roof. Wouldn’t find it crazy if Akira was right in the first episode and she’ll try to separate them. Another thing I found interesting was the different first meetings. Yuki clearly had something further in the past in mind while Touya only remembered the lockers. Would explain why Yuki was so surprised at those lockers at seeing him again. Have to wonder what they are thinking about with doing that. Maybe it’s just another thing to separate them. At any rate I’m kind of curious to see what happened in Yuki’s flashback.

Like how the series is dealing with Touya’s money situation. Jumping around to all the part-time jobs and just trying to make ends meet. While at the same time the relationship to his father isn’t very good. Do wonder just what happened there since it just gives a strange feeling to me.

At any rate I’m enjoying the series to this point. Was curious from the first episode, but it seems to be going well.

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