My Nendoroid Obsession – Super Rare And Cute Nendoroids Included

I’ve been a pretty big figure collector for quite a while. While I don’t have as many as a lot of people, I have my fair share of them. I’ve pretty much just bought standard PVC figures, the god ones, nothing smaller then 1/8 scale or anything. However about two months ago I bought my first Nendoroid, and it has started a definite illness. In two months I have bought ten Nendoroids, and I don’t exactly have the income that can support that much spending. Now my spending has slowed down but the point is that these cute little things are just so damn addictive. They are so cute that I just couldn’t help getting more and more, I even opted for some of the really rare ones that cost quite a bit, so I’m here to share the fruits of my addiction. I’m not saying that I have a lot of Nendoroids compared to others, but I’m certainly up there with the amount I’ve accumulated in such a short period of time.

Now, there aren’t super elaborate pictures of each figure here, just a quick shot of them and some batch photos. I’ll do a full figure post for each one with pictures of all different pieces and faces later on. I’m very far behind on pictures for the bigger figures as well.

Here, we have my Lucky Star collection of Nendoroids. These were VERY hard to come by. All of these are discontinued and not sold in any normal means. To complete the collection, I’ve already pre ordered the Comptiq version of Miyuki and Tsukasa, which are coming out soon. Once they arrive I’ll have the four of them, Comptiq versions, the Comptiq versions being the ones where the girls have animal ears.

I love this Lucky Star Fate/Stay Night couple. I’m a big fan of both shows. Konata doesn’t come with any different hands or anything; just an alternate face with stars in her eyes, and Kagami has an option for holding Rin’s dagger, Azoth.

These two Comptiq versions of the girls have a lot of alternate pieces, including chairs to sit down in and a sitting down leg piece.

Next are some combination shots of the Lucky Star Nendoroids:

Kagami didn’t expect to run into Konata at the convention and is embarresed to be found cosplaying, while Konata is crying tears of joy that Kagami has embraced her inner otaku.

I think Konata and Kagami did an excellent job cosplaying, just look at the following Fate/Stay Night poster of Rin and Saber, and then a shot of the two and see if you can tell a difference:

These two Nendoroids are the other Nendoroids I have which were very hard to come by, and pretty rare:

Primula here didn’t come with a lot of different pieces, in fact she didn’t come with any extra pieces at all, but has the classic Nendoroid movement in her joints. She did come with some small cats that I have stored. However the big thing with her is that she talks, there is a button in the back of her head and pressing it she’ll say one of two short phrases, in Japanese of course. I bought this figure when I didn’t’ know about the talking feature and when I found out I nearly died of a cuteness attack hearing her voice, it was awesome.

Sumomo here, as I said, is another one of my rarer Nendoroids. She came only packaged with a Nanatsuiro Drops DS game and with some small posters, postcards and calendar package. Her other face is a sleeping one, along with a pillow. She’s one of my favorites just because, well look at that face, it’s too freaking cute!

The rest of my Nendoroids are more normal and not as special or rare, but still as cute and awesome.

Haruhi Nendoroid, no matter what others say about the show being overrated, it was a very solid show so I had to get at least her.

Shana here, one of my favorite series. She comes with her jacket-cape but I can’t put it on her when I pose her with her arms up like that, which I prefer to do for now.

Pastel Ink here, Moetan was a very…odd show but she’s very cute so I had to get her despite the show.

Sakura, from Penguin Musume Heart. I loved the pose she’s in here when I saw it for sale so had to get it, a very nice figure I think.

Next up is a quick group shot of all the Nendoroids:

And next, another shot with Hayate figure comanding her Nendoroid army to go forth.

Go my little minions!

Next, we have four of the Nendoroids posed next to their larger figure counterparts. I don’t have figures for the other Nendoroids, yet. I may get the GSC Pastel Ink since the base for the figure works with the Nendoroid too.

As for future purchases, I have to slow down a bit but Miyuki and Tsukasa are already paid for and preordered, as well as a pre order on the Hatsune Miku Nendoroid.

9 thoughts on “My Nendoroid Obsession – Super Rare And Cute Nendoroids Included”

  1. You finally wrote something other than episode impressions. You need to write more of this kind of stuff. I typically don’t read episode type posts. You should write more figure stuff and maybe some editorials one in a while.

  2. Aha. I’ve stopped collecting normal sized figurines already. I’ve got 9 nendroids, with plenty on pre-order hoho. I’ve only got 4 identical to yours though

  3. waahhh good for you to acquire konata and hiragii, i was not lucky to have them… but i do have primula and sumomo too….

  4. Wahh, I just bought my 3rd Nendo today… =w= I now have Light, L, and Haruhi…

    I was going to buy a Kagamine Rin… but… honestly, I couldn’t tell if it was a fake or not. :X I’m not sure if the Vocaloids have kind of fuzzy eyes or not… but I didn’t buy it and bought Haruhi instead (even though I want Rin more…)

    But nice collection! The Lucky Star ones are nice~ I want a Konata. >w

  5. Nice pics!
    i am going to buy 2 nendoroids (my first ones XD)
    and those picture make me really obsessif! (spelled correct?)

  6. AWW so cute! XD I have 2 of the same as yours: Konata and Pastel. I also have Zange, Sebastian, Magical Theia, 2 L, Kokonoe, Al Azif, and 2 Miku. ^_^ I really want kyouka and drossel but I am currently poor now so…I really want to win the lotto T^T…

  7. hi there… nice figures you have there…. can i ask where do u purchase ur Nendoroids frm???? i got mine when i was in HK…. now that i’m back in sg… i’m not sure where i can get them… =)

  8. Nice, can’t afford all those nendroids… If you’re ever heading to Akihabara, there was a 65th Saitama News Anniversary version of Hiiragi on sale, close to Akihabara Electric Town Station for around 5800yen, around 60-70usd.


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