Kurokami – 02

Kuro tracks down Keita once she gets hungry and Keita ends up getting more involved in the strange things surrounding the mysterious girl.


This was a pretty good episode. I’m surprised with how fast they are moving with everything, it’s only the second episode and already there has been an interesting and serious fight where the main fighter isn’t easily victorious straight away. Plus now Keita is pretty much roped into things, not though choice as this contract seems serious, as Keita pretty much stated he can’t get out of it so there is no leaving that up to chance. I am curious though how they will balance this seriousness of the plot and action with some of the comedy they have going on with Kuro’s personality. She has a very naïve oblivious nature to her, like when she was eating the cabbage but then instantly changes to serious talk about dead people and the fate of humanity. I’m interested in how they balance that.

I do hope that the show starts to explain things soon. It’s actually a pretty interesting way to go about the plot, thought he show isn’t the first to do it or anything. They’ve started talking and explaining things in terms the viewer hasn’t’ been exposed to at all. They just start talking like we know these things, things like synchro and exceed, and to a lesser extend the contract and even the whole trio of people thing, though they’ve started to explain that more, the whole luck thing is still shady. If this show manages to explain those things, without loosing track of the way its going, I think it will be very interesting. However this very strong complexity the show has will also be its downfall if they don’t handle it right. There is a lot going on and that can either make for a very interesting, deep and thought out plot, or confusion and a crappy show due to not being able to get drawn in to things you don’t understand, I hope it’s the first one.

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  1. Well series is pretty interesting so far. Though reading the synopsis and not having a particular injury happen to Keita is a bit disappointing. Still I guess replacing his heart so he doesn’t die still makes a pretty big moment.

    Can’t help feeling bad for the characters that have died to this point. I mean you die because your not lucky enough? Why the heck does a person die just because they saw the other person anyways? This is a messed up system they are talking about here.

    Kuro is a good character so far. A cute girl with a personality that can go from stupidly hungry to serious pretty quickly. Lot of things I don’t get at this point. But it is only the second episode so that’s not too bad.

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