Druaga no To – The Sword of Uruk – 03

Jil and his group reach the cold level of the tower where they find Melt has opened a resort.


This episode was alright, but not quite what I expected. I didn’t quite expect Melt to be so much of a bad guy. I fully expected him to be selfish and greedy, like he was in the first season, but in a non serious way, which is what made him a funny character to have around in the first season, but the end of this episode effectively ended with him being recruited to the bad guys I thought that the episode would go similar to how it did, but at the end he would unwillingly go with Jil or go because he could get something out of it, but he didn’t go with Jil at all. I still expect to see them, as they were important characters and are characters they’ve already built up from last season, but now I’m not sure what there role will be.

I am slightly concerned with the pace of the show. Although the show is far from over, it seems like there is enough of a big complicated plot that they will eventually need a third season, a trilogy at least. Even if they get to the tower, it will be a while before they figure out some of what’s going on, what’s involved with the two spirits Kaaya and Neeba converse with, why Ki has somehow reincarnated as a small girl, Kaaya’s identity, how Neeba knew about the Mythical Tower, and the evil organization that tired to stop them in the first season which seems to know about the Mythical Tower as well. Although this season is progressing, and there hasn’t really been a sluggish fluff after fluff episode, I still think this season, won’t be the end of it.

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  1. Can’t believe Melt turned into such a jerk. I didn’t expect him to agree to help them. He was in the original journey for the money and he got it. But I didn’t think he’d betray them like that. Not to mention importing monsters as slave labour. Coopa also should go back to her earlier look since it was better. Can only hope that Melt grows a bit before joining the group again as I suspect he will.

    Of course second season can’t really be under way without Jill fantasizing about Fatina and tentacles :). Last time it was a dream and this time more of a daydream. Not exactly the pairing foundations some might have liked.

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