Druaga no To – The Sword of Uruk – 02

Jil gets ready to climb the tower again and tries to convince Fatina to do the same.


So far this season is progressing pretty well. They seem to be going straight for the top of the tower so hopefully it will only be one or two more episodes until they are in the “Mythical Tower” and the story starts to really progress, otherwise I don’t see them having enough time to really get all of the plot elements left cleared up. There is still the matter of that evil guy who was getting in everyone’s way near the end of the first season. He was never killed and in fact at the very end of the first season it seemed to indicate him working for someone even more powerful who really knew a lot of about the stuff going on behind the tower, so I’m sure we’ll see him eventually. There’s still a lot to do and if they don’t get to it quickly, there will be another cliffhanger.

I’m glad the next episode is addressing Melt and Coopa. Those two characters were one of my favorite parts of the first season and I kept wondering where the hell they were all throughout the last episode and this one, they didn’t even seem to address them even in passing like mentioning what the two of them are off doing. Though it does seem likely now that they are being focused on in the next episode they’ll join them for the next journey, which does take the character count going along pretty high with some of the new characters introduced, like the druid. I’ll be a bit different because it’s almost twice as many people. Same number of people if you count both Neeba and Jil’s group, almost, but the first season was mainly Jil’s group b y itself so things are likely to be quite different. Still, I’m quite looking forward to seeing Melt and Coopa

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