Birdy The Mighty Decode:02 – First Impressions

Still think the weakest part of this series is the naming for it. Even I was hesitant to watch the first season due to such a name. But the second season got off to a good start. Went about re-introducing the main characters and giving insights into the kind of people they are. Naturally it’s better to just watch the first season but this kind of thing is expected in a sequel. The duo of Birdy and Senkawa are back and has to deal with a fairly strange situation. A connection from the Runka incident last season has them hunting down some more hidden criminals. Of course it’s more complicated than that with one of them being murdered before Birdy could show up. Someone like that is bound to face off against Birdy at some point.

There were some funny moments in this episode as well. Couldn’t help laughing a bit at Senkawa appearing to talk to himself and look a bit crazy in the club meeting. Of course he was explaining things to Birdy but its still pretty fun to watch. Another good moment was with Birdy and her need to play the role of Shion. With the amount of food she has to eat there is no option but to play along with that old woman and let herself be used. At any rate an investigator can’t afford to alienate herself from one of the best informants around. Also found it a bit funny to see the antagonist from last season apparently working for the old woman. Didn’t say anything so have to think she’s gotten chewed out enough that speaking up isn’t an option.

Looking forward to seeing how the childhood friend of Birdy will play into this. No way the guy is showing up to just say hi and vanish. Will likely play a role as an antagonist, but for now will just have to speculate. Animation of course isn’t the strength here, but hopefully the story is enjoyable.

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  1. I thought the first season was a bit of an underrated gem. I’m glad to see it was at least popular enough to warrant a second season. As for the animation, it’s largely inconsistent, but it really does shine through during action scenes (which ep.1 of season 2 was severely lacking). I can’t wait to see Birdy tee off against the new baddies…looks to be an interesting bunch.

    Also, the new ED is just adorable.

  2. I loved the first season, although I was a bit hesitant to watch it because of the name.

    Season 2 looks like it’s going to be my best show this winter — right after Chrome Shelled Regios.

  3. Yeah I have to agree the name made me hesitant to watch the first season. Luckily I gave many series a first episode look and I got drawn in.

    Does seem like this will be a really good series for the season. Also looking forward to Birdy’s first serious fight.

  4. I can’t believe how underrated this show is! If you check websites such as animenewsnetwork or others, it’s only rated around a 7.5 (7.8 for series 2).

    It’s one of few shows I rate in the 9-10 range (im not disclosing the exact rating). I think with casual anime watchers it should be rated at around at least 8.5…
    I swear people sucker into easy to produce fan-service as opposed to storyline.

  5. @Thomas
    I agree the show is pretty underrated or simply unknown. The name of the show honestly is what hurt this one the most. People read that title and simply move on without giving it a chance. Which is too bad since if you actually watch the show it’s pretty interesting. The Senkawa/Birdy dynamic is great.

    Think the show has become all the more special for me after watching some of the series that have come out. Some series are definitely going for more flash than substance. It’d be good for people to go check out a show like this and see a show more driven by it’s storyline.

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