White Album – 02

Rina and Yuki go to Echos and have cake with Touya.


This series definitely got more interesting with the second episode. The meeting of Touya and Rina guarantees to make things complicated. At this point it’s not something that is a big deal. After all having the phone number of a friend’s boyfriend isn’t really crossing the line. I mean it doesn’t appear so far that Rina has too many friends of her own. So talking to someone close to Yuki might be a nice thing. Now clearly this can end up going too far the moment she or Touya makes that decision. For now I’m just curious about Rina’s motive in getting that phone number. Is it the statement above with just looking for someone to talk to, is she interested in Touya, or is she just playing around right now? Can’t imagine she’d really try to hurt Yuki since they appear to have a nice friendship. It is possible to see the relationship between Touya and Yuki as not being all that strong. Have to say it does seem clear from Touya’s reaction that he’d like more of a goodbye than just a silly wave. Considering they are supposed to be dating it wouldn’t be pushing it for a bit more than that. I’m not saying they have to get intimate or anything but it could give the impression that something is up there.

The issue is probably going to keep coming back to weaknesses in the characters. Touya thinks a lot but doesn’t voice how he feels to Yuki. She just doesn’t know how far Touya feels from her right now. Yuki probably thinks everything is fine and that a few phone calls here and there are enough to keep their relationship solid. Right now her career is starting to take off so it’s not a surprise she can’t make a ton of time for Touya. The girl has a lot going on so some things are bound to get put on the side. Problem is that Touya will likely do something irreversible and the truth will end up hitting Yuki like a ton of bricks. She’s a nice girl but certainly has her share of weaknesses. Combined with Touya’s issues of communication it could really put their relationship in jeopardy.

Wonder about the other girls in Touya’s life as well. Haruka is an unusual girl that’s for sure. After what happened to her brother maybe she has just implanted Touya as that kind of figure in her life. While she’s still in that condition can hardly imagine her and Touya getting into a real relationship. Now maybe she’ll be able to push through what is haunting her but for now her chances with Touya aren’t great. Another issue is with Misaki and her interest in Touya. It really doesn’t take a genius to know that she is definitely interested in the guy. Probably explains why she was uncomfortable with the talk about Yuki last episode. Can at least feel for liking someone but knowing that hey aren’t available. Feel sorry for Akira though since it’s also obvious how much he likes Misaki, but she doesn’t notice him at all. No doubt that coughing is more than a simple illness. She will have some troubles fighting Yuki and Rina if she is sick all the time.

Overall I like this one more than the first episode. Now that major characters are introduced we get to see people interacting. No need to waste time trying to understand who was who. Now it’s possible to really dive into the minds of the characters. At this time I really do like Rina the most. Obviously that can change from episode to episode. Just by seeing her interactions and bad disguises I ended up laughing for a while. For whatever reason she did jump at the chance to get Touya’s phone number. She and Touya especially are walking a on a tight rope. If they let things get carried away it could be the end of Touya and Yuki’s relationship.

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  1. Damn, an honest review. I think people have been too busy being pretentious when talking about the first episode to notice that it’s actually good.

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