Touhou – First Impressions

I thought this was a very great episode to what looks to be a very fun series. Now, I know that there are a lot of fans of the source material for this, hell, enough that this anime seems to be made by fans, not some big company, which is pretty damn impressive for how well this episode came out. The animation may be a notch below some other series, but it was still done very well. I don’t really know anything about the source material for this series, only that a lot of people are fans, however even knowing nothing about it; I found the episode to be very enjoyable. I could kind of tell while watching that a lot of scenes or things they did would have more impact on some of the bigger fans of the series, but it was still great by itself.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this show. The best thing about it that’s already apparent from the first episode is of course the characters. They really seem to have a lot of unique and fun characters. Considering how much they showed in just the first episode, I’m sure they could get a lot of content out of just them interacting as a pure comedy series, but with the potential for this show to be even more if it tried.

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