Kimi ga Nozomu Eien OVA ~Next Season~ – 04 [Final]

Haruka confronts her feelings for Narumi and decides to go after him.


This was definitely the best of the episodes in this OVA so far. Mainly because the whole point of this OVA was to see this end result, this conclusion of Haruka and Narumi together. Seeing as how the others simply built up to this, it was a good episode because it had a lot of the serious emotions they’ve shown up to this point. In that sense, this episode was really good. Finally it shows the two of them together after they seemingly separated for no reason near the beginning of the OVA.

On a smaller note, it was weird seeing Haruka out walking near the end. I was so scared for her, seeing all those cars pass. Times where she was walking across the crosswalk and such were almost nerve wracking to me, as the last time she go into an accident it caused a whole slew of problems.

Final Words:

I thought overall this OVA series was done very well. Of course if you didn’t like the original series, you’ll likely still dislike this one and if that’s the case, so be it, I don’t care. People complain about the show being overly emotional and so on but I think it adds a lot of interesting seriousness to everything and I like it. I thought the issue that the OVA handled, other then effectively changing the girl he ends up with, was a very real issue and they handled it well. It really boiled down to an issue of causing a loved one to give up their dreams for you. That was essentially the issue. Haruka wanted to separate herself from Narumi because he worked so hard in order to be with her, she didn’t’ want him to give up even more, like college which he already gave up, she didn’t want him to work too hard just for her. It’s a very real issue that one would face in a relationship and I thought they handled it well.

Other then just showing Narumi ending up with Haruka, the OVA didn’t really do much. Not as much as it could have done. They seemed to focus on Akane heavily in this OVA and I was hoping that they would deal with her feelings for Narumi a bit more. Even though they had her kind of run away from home, not much was actually developed there. She is one of the girls Narumi can end up with in the game, so she has some story there. Not that I wanted him to end up with her, but at least focusing on her feelings a bit more would have been good. Hell, even maybe some more Mitsuki focus. Nott the kind in the sense where she ends up with him, that would defeat the point of this OVA, but more along the lines of showing the friendship between her and Haruka mended in some way.

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  1. nice review there, Xebek. reminds me of the time when i played the game for Haruka’s route.

    who knows, they might have a akane ova… heh

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