White Album – 01

Touya deals with the distance from Yuki who has her own challenges to overcome.


Took a bit longer due to some things but finally got to watch this episode. There is definitely a serious feel from the series at the start. Just an atmosphere that is different from something like Akane-Iro of last season. Perhaps part of the reason is the characters being set at an older age in University. Besides being set in the past is kind of interesting in itself. Looking at the calendar and seeing it was a couple days before my birthday was pretty interesting. Guess they decided to go this route so communication would be tougher between Yuki and Touya. Since really just phone conversations can only do so much to compensate for the odd physical meeting here and there. One can expect the issue of their distance to be a major point for the series.

There is a lot going on with these characters. Touya’s friend Akira is dealing with an attraction to Misaki that he hasn’t done anything about in years. Kind of amazing in a way that he’s kept that up for so long without doing anything. Sure call it going at your own pace but at this rate they’ll be dead before he asks her out. Misaki herself is dealing with not seeing Yuki around often and Haruka is suffering from loss. Certainly not like Yuki’s life is simple either. Probably doesn’t notice how Touya is feeling about the separation and the growing distance. Her life isn’t so simple that she can sit and think about all that. Co-worker troubles and trying to move forward as an idol are major things. We haven’t seen much from Rina yet aside from being a good friend to Yuki. Can appear cold but we did get to see her relaxed side. Should be interesting to see how the series deals with all these characters.

Overall I liked the first episode of this one. Gives some hope for some good interaction between the characters. I have a neutral feeling to Touya at the moment. The lead in this situation really can make or break the series. Hopefully he stays a good guy with some faults. This will be a nice series I think. Having leads who are a couple but have some distance should make things interesting.

4 thoughts on “White Album – 01”

  1. I would be the second who liked it — and for the same reasons: a serious tone and some complexity in the characters’ situations. I think of it as being made for a slightly older, and therefore smaller, anime audience. I’m not making comparisons yet, but I got some Honey & Clover vibes, possibly from the college-age characters. I hope I wasn’t mistaken in sensing some real interior life in the characters we met. I liked the general out-there-ness of the lead guy. Loopy but serious. We’ll see how ep2 goes.

  2. It’s a difficult series to judge from the first episode. The pacing is really quite slow and some scenes are redundant. I generally do like romantic titles so I’ll continue to watch. If it stays at this pace I’m not sure it’s worth the time. They simply won’t be able to get enough accomplished by the time all the interactions are explained.

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