Maria + Holic – 01

Kanako, transfers to an all girls’ school because of her fear of boys only to find the girl she starts to like is a boy in disguise.


This series looks like its going to be a lot of fun to watch and has a lot of promise. It actually seems like its going to be much better then I anticipated. I figured it would be more “fluff” full of some ecchi moments and random slapstick moments like several other series, but it seemed like it was much more then that. It seems to have much more promise and I’m really looking forward to it. I loved all of the bits of the show where Kanako started ranting to herself, saying how so and so was so cute and things like that. I hope they continue things like that, as the self monologues were some of the funnier parts of the episode.

I’m interested in how the romance in this series will progress, or if there will really actually be any romance focus and development at all. Although of course there will be some mention of romance since it will likely be the cause of a lot of comedy and interesting and fun situations we see the characters in, any real romance might be hard to develop. I was surprised to find out that Kanako discovers Maria’s secret so early. I thought that they would go the whole series or at least half of it with her being under the impression he’s a guy, eve if the viewers learned the truth. However that actually does help the romance potential. If she were to think he was a girl the whole time when he did reveal himself it could cause a big rift between them. Still, it obviously is still not easy for the romance to happen. As Kanako seems to be pretty interested in girls, not like she’s just choosing that way because she thinks she is that way due to fear of boys. However they have stated that she is afraid of boys so perhaps being with “Maria” will get her to overcome that and realize she may not be yuri. We’ll just have to wait and see but I really hope that one way or the other they focus on romance and not just comedy.

2 thoughts on “Maria + Holic – 01”

  1. Do you try to find romance in every series? Geez. I do hope that they play up the yuri side of the series at least with the other girls of the series. I hope they introduce some more.

    I think Kanako is cute, btw.

  2. Hmmm… I watched the preview version of the episode and it didn’t have the screens near the end with Kanako in her PJs. Wonder if that’s the ED?

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