Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 25

Ran, Midori, and Rui try to find the cause of the quake and the mystery of the sudden appearance of animals.


I was very impressed with this episode. I didn’t quite think that the story, from what they revealed in the last episode, was going to be as interesting as it seems like its going to be. I thought the whole animal thing might just end up being some metaphor for someone’s more primal emotions but, although it may sound stupid in summation, the animals planning on taking over the world, taking back the world, and killing all humans is pretty big. At least it’s serious, even if not the most elegant problem. I’m still waiting for the teacher telepath to do something, as although she revealed herself to the others here, she’s done nothing but kind of help describe how they seemed to be screwed.

There still doesn’t really seem to be much hope for Rui getting any attention. Even if he does something in the last episode and helps to save the day, it still leaves absolutely no room for them to actually discuss it and delve into it. They still have the animal mystery to solve, as right now they’ve only revealed more and more about what the problem is. It just seems a shame, as Rui could have been so much more but this episode pretty much cinches it that they won’t develop him even in the last arc.

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