Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 13 [Final]

Tsukune confronts Moka’s father, who hates humans, about getting a new rosario for her.


I thought this episode was done very well. I didn’t really expect for the guy to be Moka’s father. I did think it was a bit odd that Moka just happened to have the same device that powered the school, but I didn’t really stop to think about what the connection was to her personally. It turned out to be very interesting as I think a lot of what they talked about as he threw Tsukune around was important, things such as which Moka was real, his feelings for her, and how he at one time feared her and so on. It was focused on some of the more serious deep stuff and I’m very happy about that, as the show had very little of it leading up to this point.

I was very surprised with how little Kokoa had to do with this episode. I thought a lot of the episode would be her trying to stand in Tsukune’s way, but really she did almost none of it. In fact the complete opposite happened and she showed signs of really caring about what happened to him, as she was crying when hearing him sustain all that damage. Although they never took that any further and haven’t really shown many signs of Kokoa caring for Tsukune or anything like that, it was still interesting to see because it was very different from what the previous episode seemed to imply.

Final Words:

This series was pretty much exactly as I expected it to be. This kind of show, this genre, isn’t usually thought to be much of anything, and honestly deep down it isn’t. Things that are filled with ecchi moments just for the sake of ecchi, and having continual slapstick comedy can’t really ever be considered seriously. However, they don’t try to be. Its one thing to say the show isn’t as good as another show, or you dislike it, but honestly this show never tried to be anything that was full of deep intellectual content. It was what it was, random fun with ecchi moments in a fairly unique yet uninspiring situation. And for an ecchi comedy, it was great. That’s not to say that compared to other shows this show is very good, but comparing it to others of its genre it stands up pretty well. There is some serious character develop and relationship development buried underneath a lot of the fluff content and when it comes though it makes the show very interesting.

I was slightly disappointed with the way they sidestepped the whole issue on who is the real Moka. Of course Tsukune’ is going to want to be with pink-haired Moka, since he’s always spending time with her, and of course he’ll say that even if the other Moka came first, he enjoys being with pink-haired, but it still doesn’t really address the issue. It’s almost like Tsukune is saying oh, who cares about all that serious talk about personal identity, lets ignore it. They could have some very serious discussion on how they are both the real Moka, that vampire Moka is a legitimate individual even if she is usually locked away, and pink-haired is legitimate even if she wasn’t original. Something how neither one of them is complete without the other one. Just…something. I was so disappointed when vampire Moka was just treated like a no one; they really should have legitimized her feelings and how both Moka’s co-existence was needed. I do give them some credit, as it was touched on a bit in Tsukune’s conversation with Moka’s dad, but not as much as it seemed appropriate for such a serious issue.

3 thoughts on “Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 13 [Final]”

  1. did tsukune transform into a monster/vampire in this season? coz in the ending of season 1, moka gave her blood to tsukune but it wasn’t clearly shown that tsukune became powerful with stuffs like that.. so i juz became curious here in season 2…

  2. well said.. i agree capu2 ending is nice.. but not only ending nice..
    i like this anime.. quite big different compare to manga.

    the sound tracks of this anime are very well set at every moment/event.

  3. I suggest you read the manga it actually has a plot line. i do like how they showed moka’s dad when the artisi of r v draws him a bet he will look alot like him.

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