Hyakko – 12

We learn of the problems Torako has with her family as her sister Oniyuri is introduced.


I was very surprised by this episode. It wasn’t at all what I expected. I eventually expected the show to give some focus to Torako’s sister, as they kept briefly featuring her, but I didn’t think that when they did it would be a whole episode that focused on Torako like this. It wasn’t even like it was focusing on her in a funny comedy way like all the other episodes that focused on side characters, this was pretty serious. Things such as Torako struggling with her family, whether they are really her family, and feeling alone but having her friends all rally together. It was something that was very different from the rest of this show, but in the end I thought it was a great episode. I didn’t even get a hit that Torako had a serious story to herself so showing this was very nice and great character development.

I’m curious as to whether or not they’ll return to doing episodes a bit more focused on comedy. Although this was a very good episode and revealed a lot of about the characters, it was pretty devoid of comedy. This episode could have been the last episode, easily, as they finished the episode off with all this talk about friendship and how they are all there for Torako when she is facing problems like her family. If I didn’t know there was another episode after this I would easily have suspected it of being the last one because it really had that kind of feel to it. I’m curious if the next, last episode, is going to be normal then or if it will vary from the path of normal episodes a lot.

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