Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 12 [Final]

Junichi faces his feelings and finally makes a decision.


Well no clue it was going to finish up like this. I mean we seemed pretty well on course for a Yuuhi ending or perhaps something a bit vaguer. Instead Jun really made a decision which is fine in my books. Kind of a rare event where the girl I felt myself cheering on didn’t end up losing. Perhaps I’m not such a cursed person after all. Still they finally had Junichi sit down and look within himself. Took both girls walking out the door to force him to stop acting the way he had been. The danger of being alone again like he was before Minato came back really shocked the guy. It may have also helped him think about how he had changed and who was responsible for that change.

No doubt he wasn’t an easy person to deal with when younger. Minato’s first meeting with the guy after years reflected this. Someone who believed he could exist alone and had pushed away many people. That guy even going to the extent of booting out the maid that had been assigned there. Though didn’t need to tell us that from the horrible state of the house he was living in. Guess it all started from that point on though. It is hard to resist someone that kind who could slowly warm your heart up. Before he knew it Junichi was really reliant on Minato and a strong bond had been forged. So perhaps it’s not a great surprise that he ended up choosing her in the end.

For the sake of those against that kind of relationship the parents certainly did hint at there being a lack of blood relation. Seems kind of likely that Junichi was adopted or something and thus it’s really not an issue. Time spent apart would have killed the feeling of it being wrong to care about a sibling like that also. Definitely some busy parents Jun has to be sure. They show up to rescue him after he walked into a kidnapping which was to be expected and then they flew right off again. But that definitely showed the bomb blowing up the other day wasn’t fatal.

At the end Minato really didn’t waste time getting things going. She kicked right into Junichi’s major school swimsuit fetish. Hard to say how things might have kept going if Yuuhi hadn’t come in. While she is around its clear the romance battle has passed. There is nothing wrong with the three of them living together now that things have finally been settled with Jun’s feelings. Of course it might be tough on Yuuhi sometimes since her feelings were genuine.

Final Words:

Well at the start I picked this series up since romance in a show is something I like to watch. Now in the end this one didn’t end up being one of my favourites all time. Average is probably a word that could describe it pretty well. They didn’t seem to have a firm focus on what they wanted to do. Sometimes this was a comedy, a drama, and a love triangle series. Then they even gave random episodes to side characters which was alright but also caused some trouble in terms of time. The ending as well leaves me wishing for a few changes. I’m fine with the girl that got chosen but it seems like they could have given Minato more development. She really didn’t seem to change much except in accepting her feelings for Junichi. Yuuhi was the character who developed the most over the entire series. Perhaps the same could be said for Junichi in terms of only accepting his feelings for Minato rather than having great character development.

In the end I think the major point was that Minato and Junichi just needed a push. Those two already had the strong feelings for each other that could have turned into a relationship. But the problem was that they were too comfortable with how things were. They had each other and didn’t need to go into dangerous waters at that time. Yuuhi could have been replaced with anyone in terms of a person. But her role was a catalyst that should up the calm household and suddenly made it impossible to stay the same. Junichi and Minato both had to grow and accept the feelings they had inside. There were plenty of hints that both were attracted to the other and cared about each other. Maybe they could have done more with Junichi for example in making it seem more than just a physical attraction.

In the end things weren’t too bad for the characters. Even without being with Junichi Yuuhi has grown a lot as a person. She doesn’t need the engagement since she is now more than just some naïve girl living in a big house. With friends around her, there is now freedom to be her own person. Know there are plenty of girls that would have liked to be with Junichi but he had to pick one at the end of the day. The rest will all be fine and continue being the way they always have. Well Karen may need some time to get over the shock of Jun ending up with his sister.

For Junichi and Minato it’s a pretty happy ending. If the major hints hadn’t been dropped in this one about them being non-blood related I might have been worried. I mean the world overall just won’t accept such a thing at the end of the day. But if they have no blood relations then they can figure things out. At any rate they love each other and that should make plenty possible. Though if Minato keeps dipping into Junichi’s fetishes then Yuuhi might walk into an embarrassing situation.

This was far from a perfect series. I’m still happy for picking this one up. While I had some bad moments with this show, I also had some fond memories. Really if you can look back on a show and be happy for watching then I don’t think it was a waste.

21 thoughts on “Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 12 [Final]”

  1. Totally agree with you on being happy for the ending even though it wasn’t with the girl you wanted to have been romanced.

    Though I was disappointed that this was like a Shuffle! ending (not entirely, but yea), I still liked the show and felt that hey, at least they’re all happy. Plus, it didn’t really go to a point where it would give ideas about Yuuhi trying to get together with Junichi; it was just a solid ending… with the only question about what Junichi’s father told Junichi.

  2. I really like this ending. I been wondering why there haven’t been a “da capo” ending for a while. It was a bit boring to see the same cliche fated/engaged girl come into a guy’s life. I like series with an unexpected ending like canvas 2. I will admit there should be more development with minato but since there are only 12 episodes and not 24, i will let that one slide. I think they aren’t blood-related and there are hints to suggest this. Plus, why can’t the guy just choose both and then everyone be happy. Who says he can’t date two girls at the same time? but i doubt the girls will agree with this. 7/10 for me. not canvas 2 level but not your average show either.

  3. They hinted, it was not said they are not brothers and sisters. No matter, how cute the character,an incest relationship hinted or otherwise is not cool. Brother are supposed to protect their sisterss, not “do them”. Don’t like the message or the ending, hated the story after episode 10. Weak willed girls, that are sluts in anime I hate. Minato is a slut to want her brother and Junichi is a rutting dog for wanting his sister “that way”. Sick ass world we live in…..Never liked the Minato characater, I found her boring, undercover sleazy with the pretense of the caring goody two shoe sister. I did not find her cute-her behavior made her ugly. All she had was big tits – I think people saw her tits more than the ugly character potrayed behind them. Sweet and innocent acting, does not make her sweet or innocent when you realize what she is about. Junichi, the dog, needs get control and quit being weak. Should have stuck with Yuuhi-something new, but he stays with the same because of lust & fear-WUSS. Both girls would be better off without him. Ugly, nasty ending to what started out as a cute story.

  4. lol, julie, what are you an idiot? How much of a prude do you have to be to go off an a tirade like that, my god do you think that boys and girls holding hands before marriage is unmoral too?

    I’m not even going to touch on what the situation would be if they were blood related because its obvious to anyone with half a brain they aren’t, therefore its not an incest relationship at all. There is absolutely no difference between the situation Jun and Minato are in then any other anime that features the “childhood friend” because that’s effectively all Jun and Minato are, childhood friends who live together. Just like in Da Capo, with no blood relationships its not even a hint of incest.

    You’re obviously an idiot, so talking much further won’t help. I don’t want to write too much or your brain might hurt from all the reading. There was nothing in the anime that hinted at any of hte characters being “sluts” You just seem pissed off because things didn’t turn out ideal for you in this show.

    Really, truly an idiot I hope to never see you comment on this site again because you make all anime fans seem as ridiculously retarded as you are.

  5. Have to agree with the overall message of Onitheris. I mean the relationship between Minato and Jun is an understandable one. They were separated for some time since they were young. So the sibling feelings you would normally feel aren’t there. Instead it would probably be more like a childhood friend kind of relationship. Also if they aren’t related as was heavily hinted then they wouldn’t even feel instinctual concerns. Would just sense that they are two people who care about each other.

    If Minato is a slut for how she feels then every girl on this planet in a relationship is one. There is nothing wrong with being interested in someone that you care about. No need to be waving a moralistic banner. Can respect dislike of their relationship, but will still argue against the grounds that opinion is based on.

    There is nothing that says Minato’s kind behaviour is an act. Yes due to being in extreme situations as a child she can get serious. But that doesn’t mean her nice behaviour is an act. People shockingly have multiple sides to their personality. People change their behaviours depending on what is going on. Even when serious she doesn’t lose her central personality.

    Anyways the relationship between Jun and Minato is understandable. For Jun someone showed up that could accept him even though he was a jerk. Someone that cared about him and refused to leave him alone. Naturally feelings started to form. Can’t blame a teenage guy to have put looks also into the equation.

    Minato requires more speculation since she didn’t get much character development. Her feelings were already there when the series started. Maybe part of it is that she is the type who wants to take care of someone. Jun back then and still in the present needs someone looking out for him.

  6. Not an idiot, a person with an opinion. While I don’t agree with the other positive comments regarding this
    show, I don’t feel the need to call those commentors IDIOTS, because we don’t share the same outlook on this series. I don’t have to be prude to dislike something distasteful as this show was for ME, not you, ME. Onitheris -Only Idiots like yourself trash others that don’t share the same opinion, why don’t you go do your sister, mum, pop, brother or something – just don’t reply to me.

  7. As a point of reference, I think Minato is blood-related to Junichi. The original game out right stated it… But in the PS2 ver. she isn’t, since the PC one came first, I’ll asume the anime follows that ver. on the note that Junichi does stuff to his sister, yes, he does bed her in the PC game. And yes, Minato in the PC game out right said she’s blood-related to him. As for Julie’s comments, they went a little overboard, but hey, atleast he voiced his opinion.

  8. I agree with julie, the ending message suck! i was realy enjoin’ the series until i watched the 10th episode that spoiled all the mood -_-
    i trully dislike this adiction some autors have for sisters =p bet most of then dont have a sister!

    i really thought the minato char was lacking in real personality or cuteness, she was only a perfect maid for the whole series.

    but i king agree that this series was not a total waste of time, it has some cute scenes and funny epis.

  9. Since it was pretty much implied in the last episode that both of them are not in a brother/sister relationship, I don’t technically see a problem with the ending. Though I understand the view point Julie is trying to present; Jun had feelings for Minato and still has even without knowing that she isn’t her sister.

    So even though we as viewers know there isn’t a problem, from Jun’s point of view, he *really is* loving his sister and doesn’t care what the world thinks about them; that’s siscon for you. So yeah, I can understand why people would frown with the given ending.


  10. Well definitely interesting with all the opinions on the ending. At the end of the day I’m willing to accept what Jun decided upon. Since he put thought into it and perhaps didn’t built up the familial relationship with Minato. With them likely not related he probably didn’t have the instinctual aversion to a relationship with her and being separated for years didn’t have the emotional feeling of a sibling.

    But can at least understand those that don’t like it. But I’m still going to be ok with it.

  11. I hate it when the girl that I’m cheering on loses…Not fair, I wanted Yuuhi to win. Stupid friend of his had to blaber nonsense…

  12. Trust me I know how the Yuuhi supporters feel on this one. Been on that side way too many times in this kind of show. Though for once I got the girl right so I’m happy.

    Sadly it wasn’t quite nonsense. Right or wrong it was something Jun and Minato knew but wouldn’t admit. Wouldn’t have been happy if they hadn’t at least confronted the issue. Even for Yuuhi to end up with Jun think it had to be addressed. If he still decided to be with Yuuhi that would have been ok.

  13. I was really hoping for a Yuhi ending. I don’t find anything really wrong with a Minato ending. Male lead kissed her first, and it’s more like he should have taken responsibility. However, they built up at the start of the anime for a Yuhi relationship and it’s disappointing to see it all go to waste. Mainly because they didn’t develop Minato’s character at all. It would have been a different story if they had actually spent time developing Minato more, rather than developing Yuhi when there wouldn’t be a Yuhi ending.

    That’s harem anime for you!

  14. Onitheris:

    What Julie says is in part right. Maybe you got a light hint saying that MAYBE they are not blood related. BUT they don’t know this, they really think they are blood-siblings. That means, they know that they are doing is incest. THAT IS WRONG.

    Btw, calling people that think different “idiots”, makes in fact you and idiot, because not everybody has to think the same way like you, or me, or anybody.

  15. Julie, I can agree with you because i was pulling for Yuuhi the entire time, as for the ppl who believe that they are blood releated its just a matter of how you take the last part where Jun’s mom asks his dad if it was ok to not tell Jun about Minato and based on this quesiton it is left wide open for you to decide. Also, for those who might not know this, there is an OVA that has already been announced that might have an alternate retelling to the story like Rumbling Hearts did. So just wait to super criticize this anime cause the ova might target the Yuuhi fans.

  16. well…i’m a bit disapointed by the ending, and the reazon is beacause i kind of DISLIKE (absolutely not at peace with the ideea) kind of sibling love in real life and anime.I hoped he would end up with Yuuhi! but i guess it culd of been worse :D

  17. “Seems kind of likely that Junichi was adopted or something and thus it’s really not an issue.”
    Actually, if you play the game on the PS2, Minato is actually adopted. Also, sometime during the show she makes a “joke” to Yuuhi saying she is adopted, and tries to change the subject quickly. They also talk of how much Junichi is like their parents, and never once mention any kind of real connection between Minato and the parents (except for her insane wild skills, most likely picked up after she was adopted and why she was out with them). She most likely knew she was adopted, and why she didn’t have any trouble being in love with him in the end. Plus the entire last conversation between the parents is completely worded to make it look like Minato was adopted.
    So, I’m pretty sure Minato was adopted, knew that she was, that’s why she fell in love with Junichi, the parents knew this and that’s why they sent her back, and that’s most likely what was in that “File X” thingy to see if he would still choose his sister or someone else.

  18. I was satisfied with the ending although i was cheering on Yuuhi i felt early on that Minato was adobted as i wouldn’t think the anime would have headed towards the whole incest thing also all the info WillyGSoen has rightly put. So yeh this was a good anime and i enjoyed it ^_^

  19. I have to say that this ending did disappoint me a lot. I understand the implication that they aren’t related by blood, but what get’s to me is that the bulk of the series spent time developing Yuuhi’s personality and relationship. It’s like they took the entire show and threw out everything at the last two episodes. They should’ve developed it a bit more if they wanted to go Minato’s way. Presently, her personality just seems two-dimensional compared to Yuuhi. Maybe if they spent a couple more episodes on turning the tide and showing us more of her personality than what we saw. It just seems that 12 episodes is way to short for this type of ending to occur.

  20. Another Shuffle! stunt. Use the majority of the anime as filler/fanservice and tell the story in the last handful of episodes. Remember boxcutter Kaede? That arc defined what Shuffle! was and even has the same situation of the females leaving because the male lead lacked resolve to state what he wanted out of the relationships.

    I never expected Yuuhi to be his choice because it was obvious from the start he was basically leading her on because he lacked the backbone to keep going. It’s like that girl Mitsuki from Rumbling Hearts that took advantage of a situation just to get her needs met even though her feelings weren’t all there. Yuuhi even shoots herself down at the meeting with her parents stating basically that she wasn’t mature enough for a relationship and stated she will decline the proposition they asked her to do. She finally grew up a bit but at the cost of being the plot tool to tell Junichi he needs to make decisions on his own.

    The ending episodes felt cliche and the implications that Minato may not be blood related is irrelevant. That’s more of a morality thing (and who won’t forget that inbreeding is bad for genetics) but the anime was much more focused on how Minato had feelings on a deep level much like Kaede did. I’m glad there was no drama added because it’s all too common of a theme that two girls literally fight over a guy due to jealousy and a feeling of scarcity. That would have been a deal breaker in my opinion of two girls were wanting me. Drama is unnecessary and the women would need to come to terms.

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