CHAOS;HEAD – 12 [Final]

Taku battles to save Rimi and destroy Noah II.


Well as expected that fight was full of delusions. Though oddly it wasn’t as tough to follow what was going on as I expected. It was mostly Taku getting nailed by delusions and finally pulling it together at the very end. Really is kind of strange seeing him act like a cool protagonist when you’ve seen him act the way he has at various points in the series. Still will give the guy credit for putting everything he had into this in order to save Rimi. The guy didn’t have much trouble saying that he loved her and put his words to the test in a fight against someone that was extremely dangerous.

It was also a nice thing to have everyone pitch in. Sure the girls didn’t jump in there swinging their D-Swords but they still did what they could to help. Fighting off some troublesome bugs and then using all they could to freeze the guy long enough for Taku to unleash his final move. There is nothing wrong with a little teamwork that’s for sure. Rimi probably played the least active role though she was the catylist for Taku coming out there to save her. Things were moving pretty fast so tough to know for sure, but do think she did have to deal with Taku trying to take advantage of her. Though she was fine and he confronted his inner thoughts that tried such a thing in the first place.

Did wonder how Rimi would act when that scene unfolded yet again. We knew it was coming but she couldn’t kill Taku in the end. Even though it meant Takumi’s time would run out even faster. A terrible place for the girl to be put in all things considered. She probably knew that killing Taku wouldn’t buy much time either way, but still had to be painful to know not acting was like pulling the plug. Only thing I could think right at the end was Taku should shut up and let the girl grieve a little. I mean seriously someone she cared about just died. Understand that you love her already, but just wait a minute. Its not like she’s going anywhere you know.

Final Words:

Whew so we finally reach the end. Overall this wasn’t a bad series. I mean coming into this I had little idea what to expect. This being the first time I was blogging anything made me wonder how it would go. Do think I got to think more about the series than I might have if I was simply watching. Pretty much to write up thoughts after each episode and see how the story revealed itself. So have to say thanks for reading to this point.

For the series I do have mixed feelings. Think they might have been going for a happy ending kind of feel there. I mean Taku is alive and he’s with Rimi so that’s fine. But I personally ended up seeing it as a sad ending. Looked at the position of the original Takumi and what he had to go through. Sucks pretty badly to get hit by that disease and slowly watch your body give up on you. Even having those powers didn’t help him and in fact just made his condition worse. Then he finds out about the formula he created and Noah II. So even though he is dying something he did was going to be used for terrible purposes. Instead of just living all he could the guy used his powers to try and stop it. Creating Taku and hoping his awakened powers would be enough to fix the situation. Awakening which was necessary was pretty much the end for Takumi. It meant he would have no time left and soon after the battle he passed away. Really see the guy as a tragic figure who continually put others ahead of himself. Instead of taking him to safety he pushed Nanami and the others to go and support Taku. At the end of the day he gets nothing from all he sacrificed. Sure the world is safe and people he knows will be alright, but he’s still dead at the end of the day.

Do think it might have been more fitting if Taku had died as well. Guy did so much that it might have just worked out better for the two Takumi’s to vanish. Just doesn’t sit right with me that one gave up everything and died while the other gets to enjoy the spoils of that sacrifice. He doesn’t waste a moment after that before making a move on Rimi. Also disagree that it was just Taku who made things move around him. Takumi created Taku, moved Nanami to get closer to Taku, and then had Rimi become his classmate to support the newly created Taku. Won’t deny that Taku created bonds to those around him, but if Takumi had simply created Taku and done nothing else the situation wouldn’t have gone well at all. Feel sorry for the guy at the end of the day.

Think the series had serious issues with pacing and budget. The animation was ok at times and not so great at others. Would have thought with a smaller episode count they could have put more into making the series look solid. But instead they went short and ran into issues with time. Episode 11 for example was full of multiple revelations that kept getting thrown at you in rapid succession. For a series that has mystery involved you need to have suspense. If your moving extremely quickly its hard to build up that kind of atmosphere.

At the end of the day I’m glad to have watched this series. It wasn’t a great show, but it was alright. Wanted to go into a series that had a different atmosphere compared to the others I’m following. It certainly wasn’t Higurashi level, but some good characters were in this. Not too satisfied with the ending, but it’s the overall package that matters most. Good but not great is probably how I’ll remember this show. So hope everyone enjoyed following this with me.

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  1. I think this was a good show…but something is lacking in the ending.
    They should’ve added some story about their future or something, not ending it exactly after the battle was over…

  2. Ugh the VN was way better and explained things a lot better. I really went LOL at how you mentioned the A route end might be better then AA since A route is something Takumi does NOT want. (A route = Rimi kills Taku for no fcking reason AA= they both live. Takumi dies either way though) The anime fails for not explaning it properly too. In the end, Taku was fine with being killed by Rimi since he was a “monster” but she accepted him and told him they were the same, then Takumi (real) told him that it was “Ok to live.” They animated it but the I am you and you are me thing was poorly done. The last scene with Taku talking about the sky was supposed to show that they both had eachother’s memories. Bah the lack of Desire Blue Sky playing at the end didn’t was another dissapointment.
    Takumi isnt’t all great either. He created a person and put him through all that mental torture so he could have him do something for him. In the game his illness was his own doing though, Sena explains that real booting causes anti-particales to be stocked on the Di-sword and overusing your powers causes you to die. Takumi became aware of his powers when he was very little and abused it everyday, not knowing it was abnormal to have such a power. Thus he ended up an old man.
    Well I don’t really have anything against Takumi, in fact I ended up thinking he was a good character. But saying Taku doesn’t deserve to live means the anime failed to get a across a huge chunck of the message. IE: No, Taku should atleast live!!!!!!

    Bahh this anime was so fail compared to the VN watching it made me cringe. There’s no Taku cleaveing through tons of delusion Seras and having there guts and blood spill all over him XD. Well it’s just that the desperation of the whole fight scene was messed up. Taku was supposed to have his arm bent the other way and his ribs broken, so when I heard Rimi say he was “battered and bruised” I was like WTF NO HE’S NOT! All the delusions in the end fight were poorly animated/animated in such a manner that didn’t have feeling in it. The delusions were supposed to be much more intense. Takumi real isn’t supposed to say anything untill after he overcomes a hax exsistance denying delusion (Which was better in the VN). *sigh* he was supposed to get cleaved in half and have his head exploded but instantly “replenish” the body parts but too much blood and guts has to be censored so I can see why they changed it.

    Oh well enough of my rants haha, I supposed if you enjoyed it, it’s fine. But I’m just venting my feeling of dissapointment and thoughts about how this could have gone a lot better.

  3. FlameStrike~

    Can definitely understand the feelings of wishing it had been done better. Can at least understand the kinds of things they did differently. That would have been one wild final battle if they had included all of that stuff. Feel bad about the Seira fight also. I mean that would have been huge. Instead they really just left it alone and had Taku run off. Whole reason why the small episode count really hurt the series. So much was just left to the side and they apparently simplified things to save even more time. I’m good with rants since venting about something done wrong never hurts. Besides I get to understand the whole thing better.

    Think the Takumi situation reflects that pretty well. Instead of saying all you did above they simplified it to a disease. Honestly making Takumi a more sympathetic character than he would have been if I had played VN originally. Even with both sides guess the anime view still leaves me feeling for the guy more than blaming him. I’m sure that creating Taku and putting him through all that wasn’t the optimal plan. But with his body in that condition it really was the only thing he could do aside from leaving it to others. Besides Taku gets a harem at the end of it all so he did get compensated for pain and suffering :). Having those powers awaken when he was a kid really was a terrible turn of events. Realizing the price that would be paid far too late to save himself.

    True that I didn’t see much reason for Rimi to kill Taku at that point. It would have bought Takumi another day maybe? In that situation almost thought she might have turned the Di-Sword on herself. If she hadn’t gotten herself captured and destroyed Noah II then Taku wouldn’t necessarily have had to awaken. Though I’m not saying she’s at fault for not accomplishing that since the opponent in this case was insanely powerful. Maybe others watching the anime got the message about Taku better than I did. Since the thoughts above really were how I felt at that time. Taku isn’t a bad guy at the core of it so can’t really complain about him not dying.

    Makes me wish I played the game before this series came out. Sure instead of questions I may have been complaining. But this story is the type that after knowing the answers(somewhat) its tough to go to another medium and be surprised. Expect I guess in how much better one is than the other :).

  4. Okay, I understand you all think Takumi died. In fact only his body died. If you watch the ending of VN carefully, you’ll read that Taku gained all of Takumi’s memories and that since their souls were one, they just came back together. Before Takumi died, he experienced everything that Taku went through and Taku experencied all 17 years of Takumi’s life, so really, Takumi survived and healed himself of the diease. And yes, in the VN when Taku went to save Rimi, there was a seira army that beat him up pretty badly. His arm was crushed, his legs not fairing well, and I’m sure his skull had a few fractures too. All in all, the VN had more blood then this. When Taku was reduced to eyeballs, he wasn’t because he was absorbed, it was because he got sliced like crazy (His lower and upper half got seperated then divided like ground beef). And the girls in the VN didn’t play that much of a role at the end either. Takumi just used them to show Taku that he value, everything was actually done by Taku. On a seperate note, taku in the anime was less broken then the Taku in the VN, for one, Nanami’s hand was sent to his house not too far back (yes her hand was cut off for real and I think Rimi retrieved it from Taku’s fridge), everyone thinks he’s some over active otaku freak, he couldn’t save Nanami and the big thing is his existence was denied. Okay, starting to rant now, but the Taku in the VN felt different then this one.

  5. All through this when it showed the girls spinning around and combining there swords, i could only think CAPTAAIIIINN PLANET!!! xD

    At the end, didn’t his face suddenly miraculously change its facial structure into a…well… better face?

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