Tales of the Abyss – 13

Natalia learns a earth shaking truth as the group attempts to end the war.

That King honestly should be shot. I mean what kind of crappy parent is he to order the death of Natalia like that? Sure finding out you may not be related by blood is harsh, but that doesn’t negate the bond you share. Family is more than simply having a blood connection after all. You can not be a family and still be related so what is wrong with being a family that isn’t related? After all parents aren’t going to be related to each other. Anyways shock and being manipulated played a role, but still the King failed completely in this one. Then without even saying something to his child he just orders to hand them poison to kill themselves with. A major apology has to be coming Natalia’s way at some point in the series you’d have to think.

On the other hand you have to give the people of Baticul a ton of credit in this. Sure they were told by the group supported by Asch, but that doesn’t change their feelings. They know that blood isn’t the issue here. She acted as a great example of a princess who cares about her people. Thus the people responded to that kindness with their loyalty no matter what is said. Hopefully the guards don’t push it since you can bet the city is behind Natalia in this one. It’s nice to see civilians stepping up in any way to do the right thing.

Anyways Mohs is a major culprit in all of this. He may have used true information, but that doesn’t make him right in this. What kind of priest goes around spouting things told in confidence anyways? Regardless its clear the guy is trying to push the score around no matter what he has to do. For someone that is fine for a major war to break out I guess killing a princess really isn’t an issue to him. Guy is definitely going to pay for all the people he’s hurt along the way. Though when that payback is coming isn’t easy to predict since the group has to retreat for now.

Good save by Asch at any rate. He actually uses his head when he is making moves. Asch didn’t just barge in there to rescue Natalia. His plan actually involved making sure escape was going to be possible to them. Even though he’s been gone for so long the knowledge of how much the people care about Natalia is still with him. Plus he should be able to escape by causing that rift between Largo and Dist. Not surprised Dist was doing things behind the scenes since we know he has his own objectives. There are questions still hanging in the air about Largo’s relationship to Natalia. Obviously at the rate we are moving even those will be revealed sooner or later.

Sadly this war is going to be tough to stop. Once people start fighting it’s not quite so easy to cease the hostilities. Plus the seriousness is that they don’t have much time to settle things. The Sephiroth that was supported the war area is no longer there. Sooner or later all the people fighting in that area will fall to their deaths. Malkuth isn’t going to retreat from the battlefield and Kimslasca isn’t ready to give up fighting either. Adding to the chaos is that you can expect Natalia to be broken up about this. She’s another character whose identity has been thrown into disarray. People still see her as the princess no matter what, but that doesn’t mean it’s nearly as easy for Natalia to accept it. Hopefully she doesn’t take too long to pull herself together.

Not being rash has to be said to Luke as well. The guy has put himself at risk constantly and almost got killed during the rescue at St.Binah. Jade is right that recklessly trying to save that one city isn’t what Luke should be focused on. It’s not going to undo Akzeriuth and Luke has to focus on the big picture. Stopping Van is the priority and he can’t let what he did in the past force him to make a stupid move that might get him and his friends killed. Still you have to love how handy airships can be. Especially with a cute pilot leading the way.

Anyways this is about as much a Christmas present as I can give. Hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. No matter where you are it’s a good time to spend with people close to you. So Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.

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  1. Cute pilot is right.

    While I can undrstand why you hate the king, I could never stand Mohs from the moment I saw the guy. First of all, he’s probably one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. I want to throw up every time I see that stupid face of his. Second, I just hate his attitude. I mean, he’s one of those villains that seem to be an asshole just for the sake of being one. Sure, the Score may be a reason, but he’s one hell of an asshole. Third, despite being an asshole, he gets several people on his side, including the king, even though he practicall flaunts that asshole aura of his. And finally, it takes so long for him to be brought to justice, yet…ugh…I still can’t get over that scene in the game.

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