Taku awakens and makes a resolution to save Rimi.


This series really has shown an ability to toss an incredible amount of things at you in the span of one episode. Guess since they are just about out of time it’s to be expected that they would be moving so quickly to tell you everything that is going on here. It was nice to get the full story from the mouth of Takumi. Can understand how the guy felt in terms of wanting to do something to solve a problem he contributed to. He made that formula without knowing how things would turn out as a result of it. What’s sad for him is that with his body in such a condition there was little he could do. So even though it would likely mean his death, Takumi decided to create Taku. That body could act for him and help to stop Noah II which he played a part in creating. Though at the same time I can understand how Rimi felt about it. Takumi was the one who gave her a bright sky and saved her from the dark. But now he wanted to put his life on the line in order to solve it. So it’s really not a surprise that she planned to erase Taku if he was in danger of fully awakening. Even the scene from the start of the series now makes more sense. Taku has awakened his powers and Takumi won’t survive that. Perhaps she will try to kill him in order to save the Takumi. Even though I’m sure she really cares about Taku as well so it’s a painful place for her to be.

God that nurse was worse than I ever imagined. That poor doctor’s death was as horrifying as you would imagine. Don’t even want to imagine what the guy was going through at that time. The top of your skull has been removed and you’re completely helpless. If that’s not bad enough, but having your brain scooped out with a spoon….Honestly that’s just way too hard on the stomach if you think about it for too long. What annoys me is that girl gets away without being punished. Sure she is dead, but that’s something she did herself. Got to hurt people and then chose her own way of leaving the stage. Oh well at least the one responsible has been taken down. That woman couldn’t be allowed to live any longer and continue hurting others.

You can just keep tossing huge things out there like Taku’s D-Sword being brought out. Honestly it doesn’t look all that impressive compared to some of the girls. It’s solid enough and gets the job done so that’s alright I suppose. Being able to go and read minds like that to track down the porters and show people that nurse’s crimes. A pretty huge shift can be seen with the guy suddenly turning into a confident protagonist. Guess figuring out that he was in love with Rimi helped to give him the confidence he needed. He can’t forgive Takumi for all of this, but without that guy he wouldn’t have existed to meet Rimi. Though guess this is a dangerous place for the both of them. I mean if Taku is a delusion created by Takumi then at the time when Takumi dies that should be the end of Taku. If that makes any sense at all let me know. At any rate there really isn’t time for Taku to fool around here.

I was a bit confused earlier with Nanami since Takumi looked old with all those wrinkles. So didn’t think she could have been the real sister. Didn’t consider the guy was the same age as Taku except with illness having damaged his body like that. Really feel sorry for Nanami who had to be tricked by Takumi like that. Instead of spending time with her brother she went and spent time with a rude delusion of her brother who eventually turned himself around. Had to be tough to hide himself away with that nurse around and keep Nanami away. Now the first time she sees him in all this time is on the ground in distress. Guess the girls have to stay there to take care of the dangers and protect Takumi who clearly isn’t in a good condition right now. Be nice if things could turn out alright for Nanami, but it’s hard to see that. At this point she is going to lose one or both of her brothers. Also I have no idea why but her hand is restored. Game probably explained how that ended up happening.

We also can’t forget the major confrontation with Suwa and Sena’s father. At least Suwa paid for what he did to others. Sadly the good detective couldn’t be saved before his partner got stopped. This was another pretty impressive display from Taku. Guy just showed great ability in turning the tables and winning that fight. Feel for Sena who couldn’t settle things with her father and instead had to watch him save her from death. Have to believe the guy was looking for some way to atone for what he was involved in. Apologies would be empty and wouldn’t change anything. Sadly Sena couldn’t talk to him and have a good ending. At least she isn’t completely alone with Kozupii still there with her. Really is strange to see that girl verbally communicating. Guess since she’s faced her demons it’s no longer a problem to speak out.

Anyways we’re moving toward a pretty huge battle to save Rimi. But even if the battle is won that doesn’t mean everything is solved. The damage to the city is extreme and lives are still on the line. Still I’m looking forward to see how the fight ends up going. Since it’s a fight of delusions it will probably be very confusing to follow. Well let’s see how this finishes and who is standing at the end of the day.

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