Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 12

Moka sacrifices her rosario to restore the barrier, permanently allowing vampire Moka to be active.


I was very pleasantly surprised with this episode. I thought the issue that they would be dealing with for the final two episodes would be something very different. I thought it would be dealing with the barrier, with a war potential staring and kind of talking about the fears and prejudices between humans and demons. However they solved the issue of the barrier instantly. Still, I thought the topic of vampire Moka being “active” was a very interesting one.

I’m not quite sure what to think about what I want to happen. However, for the most part it seems obvious what will happen. Tsukune will of course get another rosario and then eventually the other Moka will return. However I think they are sidestepping the whole issue. Even if the other Moka comes back, and Tsukune becomes all happy there is still the issue with who the “real” Moka is. After all, the vampire Moka is still a character who has legitimate feelings. Plus, she’s effectively more real then the other one because she’s the original. I think that in order to really resolve this issue they have to really confront who the real Moka is and effectively say something along the lines of they are both real, and neither of them by themselves is full. I doubt they will ever merge the two of them together but effectively say that vampire Moka is the real Moka, but neither is the pink-haired one, they are only real together and so on.

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  1. I thought having the parents meet and the girls decide Tsukune future was pretty funny. I thought reverse Moka seemed a little out of character. I know she’s been building feelings but it all came too quick. Seems like the the end is being rushed. I’m guessing Tsukune is going to have to reconcile both Moka’s next episode. Why would reverse Moka want to leave?

  2. I found this episode to be somewhat irritating. I thought they really diminished the stature and appeal of vampire Moka in order to justify the return of pinkie Moka.

    They made her rather bland and almost lame in her personality. Sure she isn’t going to be all cute and bumblingly endearing, but she could have been cool and seductive. Instead she was like a walking mannequin.

    Barring some major story twist, vampire Moka is the”real” deal, after all, she needs nothing to e is whereas pinkie Moka doesn’t exist without the Rosario.

    I see where it’s probably going and I’ll probably let down more.

  3. @EmOtaku, I concur. Inner Moka just became cheapened in one shot, and I was very, very disappointed. Tsukune had been shown to develop feelings for her in the past, but the situation was reversed completely here. Her attempts to do the capu-chu, the boob play and all that stuff just came out wrong — even the newspaper article suggestions.

    …I just can’t explain, but I really loved the series, and I although the first season wasn’t that good, I expected better from the second, given how it ended. Major letdown. I could almost cry.

  4. Well I’ll say that I didn’t see them going this route with it at all. Really are telling their own story with the anime that’s for sure. Sure there are things that remain the same like the barrier, but done in very different fashions.

    Agree it seems pretty clear how this will wrap up. Somehow they will get a new rosario. I mean they got one in the first place so really getting another one shouldn’t be something completely out there. Agree the real issue is who the real Moka is. Sure the outer Moka has had more airtime but that doesn’t make the original who is effectively sealed away less important. She was there in the first place. Probably will have some moral finish where they say both are real and both need to exist. Though really one existing means removing the other from the stage. Merging wouldn’t work since it would mean annihilating both of them for a new Moka that wouldn’t be either.

    Oh well lets see how it finishes up at any rate.

  5. I think if we go back to the reason reverse Moka decided to seal her power it would explain her behavior. Inner Moka developed feelings for Tsukune but probably doesn’t know how to express herself. She’s trying to behave like pink hair Moka and it’s coming out weird. What I don’t like is the way Tsukune is treating her. I guess everything is rushing to a conclusion and the writing is just too compressed.

    Anyway, it’s been a fun series and there is plenty of material for another season. I likedthe fact we got some original content. Manga is great but the anime is more on the comedy side. Fanservice is a little much but you can’t have it all.

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