ef – a tale of melodies – 12 [Final]

Himura goes back to Japan in order to face Yuuko.


This episode was absolutely brilliant. There was a lot more of the story focused on Himura then I thought there would be, but it turned out great in the end. I thought, although I predicted it, Himura facing Yuuko’s spirit was great. Although I knew it was going to happen as he walked to the church my heart was pounding faster, it was great. I thought the OP at the end was beautiful. I admit that it’s at that point in the episode I cried. It was just seeing that OP really emphasized everything that has happened. The way they did the OP was just great, just like they did the first seasons OP earlier in this season, changing everything to symbolize the changes that have taken place. Himura and Kuze no longer in shadows, Mizuki and Yuuko not disappearing but holding each other, Himura breaking free from the wall, the three of them holding hands, and Yuuko with angel wings. The OP just really made it clear and emphasized the whole series and it was very emotional.

At first, I was slightly disappointed that Kuze lived. Him dying would make his story much more serious I thought, however I don’t really think that was the point of his story. The point wasn’t him dying and the things that happened as a result of that, it was more about him realizing he wanted to live. The fact that he went though with the surgery was the critical point in his story. He admitted to himself that he wanted to live, he didn’t want to have this heart defect and he wanted to go on with life and with Mizuki. It was pretty important without him dying, plus Yuuko dying was enough deaths for this series. Kuze’s story still has plenty of merit with him being alive.

Final Words:

It’s hard exactly to describe why I like ef so much. And I know there are going to be people out there who hate the show honestly because others like it and they want attention, and there will be people there who dissect the show into tiny bits and analyze it, criticizing it so much for unimportant things. However in the end I don’t care. I felt really passionately about this series and I don’t really care why. The fact is that as I watched it I got pulled into the story and the characters. I cared for them and for what happened to them and it was very emotional at times. It doesn’t matter why the show made such an impact and I’m not saying the show is without its flaws but for a show like this, its not that its flaws may be minor its that the good parts of the show so outweigh any flaws that I just don’t’ care about them. The bottom line is I just loved this show.

Comparing this season of ef with the previous is interesting. It had a similar structure in that there were two stories that were effectively separate but the characters knew each other and there were some connections. However it really feels like both seasons are very simply a collection of four stories that can really be told in any order. The main important part is the individual stories themselves and in all cases, they were some really good ones and it’s a bit up to personal preference which one you like better. I will say that melodies was definitely much darker. Facing issues such as rape and abuse like they did with Yuuko’s story and having her die was a pretty serious deal. While the other stories were nothing to scoff at, Miya finding a place in this world she belonged to admits being abandoned, Chihiro clinging to a normal life with her condition, and Kuze facing his mortality were all serious, but Yuuko’s story seemed much more in your face about these serious things. Kuze’s story to some degree was also darker then the first seasons. That doesn’t necessarily mean its better, but facing your death is something serious and the other season didn’t really deal with death. It’s almost a bit of a shame, Kuze’s story was really very good but it got overshadowed by Yuuko’s. Still, they were both great

In the end, this series didn’t’ disappoint. I loved the first season of this series for the exact same reason I loved this season. The stories it told were gripping and emotional. The characters were interesting and complex and the show you really made you care for them. I cared for what happened to them and what was going on in the plot and when something big happened, it affected me. The series drew me in and simply captivated me, and I loved it.

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  1. On the Kuze note I don’t think not dying right there is a big issue anyways. They did make it clear that the surgery didn’t fix the whole problem and simply bought him some time. So eventually he will die from it. But at least he’ll get some time with Mizuki and will have a different mindset with the time he has left. But still agree the point wasn’t about him dying and then seeing how people react to that. So I feel they handled that situation quite well.

    Also liked that Yuu and Yuuko did get that meeting. Sure it couldn’t be for long, but it was a nice thing to see them finally meet the one they wanted. Besides it puts what Kuze said about Himura never meeting Yuuko again in the dustbin along with the rest of his attempts to separate himself from people. Also nice to see a nice relationship with Himura and Mizuki. Though Yuuko is gone and Kuze will be in a few years they really aren’t alone. They have others around them and each other now that they know who each other is.

    At the end of the day I liked how the series had so many interconnections between characters. I mean there is no way I would have called Mizuki’s relationship to Himura at the end of the first season. Everyone just seemed to have a bond to someone that was linked to another person. Really is like that saying about everyone being connected by a certain number of people.

    This is definitely a series I enjoyed. Maybe its not the top for me for some reason. But that doesn’t take away from a good story being told here. Its all about how each series touches you and how you react to it. So while over can say that I’m glad to have watched this show.

  2. (…this time I was again a bit late but it doesn’t matter)
    I could tell many many words about this episode and whole season but… it’s unnecessary now. It was simply great for me and I hope more series will affect me as much as this one did.
    That’s all :)

  3. Such a tragedy. Yuko’s and Yuu’s love. from the very beginning, was really beautiful. I hoped for a happy ending that Yuko would be alive but it turned to be such a god damned tragedy that made me regret watching it. However, I cant deny the fact that this one is a masterpiece.

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