Hyakko – 09

When Torako helps out a classmate, she starts to cling to her trying to pay her back for her kindness.


I thought this episode was pretty funny. I didn’t know what to expect from Ooba’s character, as before these episodes dedicated to the side characters, little is known about them. Still, I found it very entertaining. I thought it was great how clueless she was, yet she was such a crybaby no one could tell her directly. Their plan was effectively to get her sad and mad at them, yet when they pulled it off they all crumbled before her tears, I thought it was great. It did seem slightly odd that they didn’t conclude anything. It seemed like they just had the situation get more interesting with Suzu there to compete with Ooba for Torako, yet it seemed like nothing really was resolved with it. However it is a pure comedy show so it’s kind of expected that nothing big and concrete happens. Either way, it was very funny.

I found the Suzu bit at the end great as well. It wasn’t really drop dead hilarious or anything, but it was still very funny and nice to watch. It was just a simple, non-complicated bit. I thought it did a great job of showing Suzu without her hardly ever saying anything. Just walking up to people and having them give her food and candy.

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