Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 11

Junichi gets picked up by the men in black and the girls closest to him have an important conversation.


This episode did end up going in a direction I wasn’t completely expecting. Sure I knew there had to be some confrontation based on what happened in the last episode. But it ended up going in a nice direction that kind of fit the show as a whole. Too bad for those hoping Minato would snap and go on a rampage to eliminate the competition. But at the end she really did try to keep on carrying it inside after being able to let some emotions leak out in the previous episode. Proud of Yuuhi’s growth in this one managing to help Minato come out with it and handing it in a mature fashion. Really does go to show its not just Junichi that she’s formed a strong bond with. Her relationship with Yuuhi is also something that is important to her. Almost thought I was in the wrong show with the position they got themselves into. Really felt like we were moving towards some kind of yuri moment there.

They are definitely setting up for an interesting last episode. Honestly not sure if it’s going to be a concrete finish for either girl or something a bit more ambivalent. It certainly hints toward the vague ending with Yuuhi actually going and getting the engagement cancelled. Sure she puts the reasons as believing she doesn’t need such a thing to force her and Junichi together. But at the same time it does leave the possibility for a more open finish. Still if I’m calling for one girl that will win I’m almost seeing Yuuhi. Since her arrival she has shown quite a bit of growth from the naive angry girl that showed up in the first episode. Now she’s just angry. But seriously regardless of how it turns out this was a beneficial situation for her to walk into. Many of the characters didn’t get that much growth aside from an episode here and there.

I’m curious how Jun being picked up by the men in black in the episode will tie into episode 12. Are they really being sent by his parents or is it some trap for said parents? If so it does leave open some lovers rescue. Honestly getting picked up by that kind of group pretty much guarantees he isn’t being sent to have some nice heart to heart talk with his parents. On the positive this will leave open the chance for Minato to kick into serious mode and show off the skills she has picked up over the years.

Regardless should be interesting to see how the series finishes up overall. It has been a pretty solid series with some nice moments along the way.

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  1. Minato’s “spanked” face are priceless~, and Junichi should gettin’ spanked by his parents for being indecisive

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