Clannad ~After Story~ – 12

Tomoya is troubled when his father’s wrong doings cause him to loose a job opportunity.


Woah….I did not see that marriage proposal coming. I eventually expected their relationship to come to that but I didn’t think there was anywhere near enough relationship development for that to happen. However now that it did I think it will really help get things in motion for much more interesting content. It seems like they’ve almost done as much as they can without making a big step forward. They’ve established Tomoya trying to start a career, a life, and having things fall apart but knowing he wants to be with Nagisa. They’ve shown his father has messed up his life even more and are focusing on how much of a strain he is putting on things; it seems like a great opportunity for things to evolve even further.

I thought the story about Yoshino was pretty interesting. They didn’t’ need to do a whole two episode arc or anything to show that he had a n interesting story and one that was pretty serious. It was nice seeing more details about him like that. One thing I was pretty surprised to see was I think that Tomoya’s father is the same person that got arrested and caused Yoshino to doubt his songs. When they first showed him I didn’t make the connection, as its been a while since they’ve shown Tomoya’s father but when the showed him in the jail cell there, there was a huge resemblance and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was indeed the case. I don’t think it really actually means much, as it won’t change anything, but the fact is still there.

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  1. Er wut? Just so you know, Tomoya’s father was a normal person before his wife died. He would NOT get arrested lol.

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