ef – a tale of melodies – 11

Kuze responds to Mizuki’s attempts to drag him out of his depression.


I’m not too sure what I think about Kuze living or dying, in regards to the operation. To some degree I feel like it would be better for the show if he died in the operation. They stressed how the operation wouldn’t help too terribly much so it won magically fix everything. However I wouldn’t really want it to fix everything. For them to build up for so long how Kuze is facing his death only to have him not die would really be a waste. I almost see it fitting better with the show that he dies. The fact that he wanted to have the operation in the first place is a big step and almost a big enough step. It’ shim facing something that he is likely to loose, which is something that he hasn’t’ really done before. It would be a pretty big character development for him. However I won’t hate it if he lives, after all the bit at the end showed he may not be dead. Even if he lives I suppose there was still quite a bit of character development about him destroying the masks and admitting his love.

I have to say that I found it awesome when they showed the first seasons OP in the middle of this episode. It really tied in how much Yuuko had helped them all, even just her spirit, giving them advice though the first season. What I was most surprised with was the way they showed the OP as normal except the parts where all the girls disappear. Showing the guys fly in, hold them, and save hem was brilliant. I almost cried at just seeing that because of how much it really means. They all had situations that weren’t the best but they were saved by the ones they loved. Things like the chains holding Kei disappearing instead of Kei disappearing was just brilliant. I was shocked but really found it to be great. I’m glad they tied in the first season with this one so much and didn’t just act like they were unrelated, as it really makes both seasons better I think.

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  1. This time I was the one who watched it later – oh well ;>
    I’m a bit disappointed with this one – it didn’t make me feel really special when it was either rooftop scene or hospital scene. Maybe I should watch them later again and see if it will make some special feelings in my mind?
    About Kuze… it can be strange but I think it would be better if he die too. He would die but he would also keep his pride and win in some way (he tried his best, answered Mizuki’s feelings, etc.). But I think he won’t die – one bad ending (sorry but I can’t see Yuu and Yuuko part other way, even when it comes to the fact that they were happy in the end) is too much for the series. But you know – two bad endings would be a nice reflection to the memories where two couples found their happiness.

    One last word about Yuuko: despite the fact, that her role is small in this episode, you can see that in whole series her character had a great influence on others. And she smiles so nice :)

  2. Sorry for doublecomment but I forgot to add that changes in openings are great in this series ex. Yuu’s eyeblinking – it makes me always curious how authors can make such a small details so important :)

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