Takumi learns a shocking truth about himself and Rimi attempts to rescue Nanami from the Nozomi Group.


How it must feel for your world to be falling apart. Getting into Takumi’s head during a time like this is both difficult and frankly a little scary. Finally Rimi hits him with a pretty serious charge that throws his very existence into question. Apparently the guy is a delusion that was created a year ago. Still it’s pretty out there to be a delusion that can cause delusions. That phone call to his friend really helped to mess up the guys’ already unstable mind. Hearing him question how they met and become friends had to really bother Takumi. Remembered hearing speculation that Rimi might be a human made delusion put into the class and instead it appears Takumi was that. Have to wonder why he was created and put into the world. Since apparently every delusion Takumi has ends up cutting the lifespan of the original Takumi=Shogun. From the end of the episode you have to think it’s because the original needs this Takumi to do something that in his current state isn’t possible.

All this delusion talk gives me a bit of a headache sometimes. I mean if Takumi is a delusion what is Nanami? Was she deluded into thinking Takumi was her brother? Can’t imagine she was also a delusion since that would just be pushing the original’s power of replication a bit far. Also if Takumi was created a year ago where did the equation that led to the creation of Noah II come from? Bit crazy when you see scenes like the Nurse being the chat buddy of Takumi. I mean goes to show the limited bonds that Takumi actually has right now. You even have him getting tricked by the delusion of Nanami at the end of the episode. It is just a bit hard to put everything together when it’s all thrown at you like this. Have to believe they were rushing quickly through the story since so many lines of the story were covered here. Mostly I’m just curious what a help an unstable person like Takumi can really end up being.

Hopefully this means Nanami and Rimi will get some desperately needed help. I mean right now they are in as much trouble as people can be. Poor Rimi tried to come to the rescue and ended up getting taken down by a delusion created by that jerk. It’s nice that she tried to save the day. But really should have known better than going into a place that knew which buttons to push in order to break her. Still the greatest victim for me right now is Nanami. That monster put her into one terrible position to force her powers to awaken. It’s a pretty nice looking D-Sword that she managed to come up with. But her hand vanishing like that is pretty tragic when you look at it. I’m really hoping she and Rimi can be helped. Its time for some payback since that jerk has built up a lot of enemies over the course of the past few episodes.

Have to say I wasn’t all that surprised by the younger officer turning into a villain like that. Pretty similar to a character I just saw in a game I’ve been playing so it felt very familiar. Really has to suck for Ban to be betrayed by his partner like that. Hearing he was hurt and then ending up being shot like that. Pretty sure he ended up getting killed there and if so that is a sad end to a good detective. This event goes to show that sometimes digging too deep leads you to not making it out alive. Hopefully Suwa ends up getting what’s coming to him before the series finishes. You can’t allow yourself to be corrupted from above and do such a thing without consequence.

Plus you can’t forget a small thing like Yua bringing out her own D-Sword. Was a pretty crazy scene with her and the fake sister. Throwing around not being able to tell which sister Yua was at least had me shaking my head a little bit. At the end she did manage to pull it together before she got killed. Expect that Nozomi knew she was digging into things and sent one person out to finish her out. Of course not expecting she might have powers and that proved costly. Also Ayase really seems to have a talent for rescuing people it seems. Just going to help Takumi and Sena a couple episodes back and now helping to save Yua. Though it as always comes with her belief in a Great Will, she did manage to do a good thing there. Guess we’ll see how all the girls end up coming together near the end of this thing.

Overall was a very eventful episode. Hard to believe all the stuff they ended up showing us here. From Takumi being told he is a delusion to Rimi being overwhelmed just short of rescuing Nanami. Looking forward to the next episode so I can see how it all comes together. Definitely taking a risk by approaching Takumi, but I suspect Shogun really cares about Rimi’s welfare. One more time he’ll try to push Takumi into action and hope he doesn’t end up creating a disaster out of it all.

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