Winter Season Picks For 2008

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Kurokami the Animation

Although shows of this genre aren’t usually the shows I fall in love with, that’s usually drama/romance shows. However there is something about this series that really has me interested. It almost reminds me of Shana, some supernatural girl with powers runs into an effectively normal person and they have to spend a lot of time together. I hope that this will mean that there will be some romance, as I always hope for romance in anime but even without it the supernatural and plot aspects of the show seem to be promising.

Maria + Holic

As I said above, I love romance in anime so even shows that are usually in genres known for bad shows, I’ll watch them. This series seems to be full of promising romance mixed with a lot of not good stuff, but it will be fun to watch. With this huge obsession on traps and yuri, this is like the perfect combination for those obsessed with it. Not that I am, but the romance promise is enough to pull me in.

The Tower of Druaga ~The Sword of Uruk~

I watched the first season, so I pretty much have to watch this one. Although the first season wasn’t the best of all time or anything like that, it got interesting enough to draw me in. The plot in the first season surged all of a sudden near the very end. And it only went up in the mystery behind what was happening. The first season is nowhere near complete, so I need to see this so I can know what will happen.


Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou

Choosing the series for my second season blogging was pretty interesting. For the first one went with something I was familiar with. When I saw that first season it was uncertain how good a series this would end up being. Surprisingly it turned out to be one of my favorites of that season. So choosing to go with the second season for the series wasn’t’ too hard a decision. Liked how the first season slowly developed Natsume’s character and also made many of the episodes emotionally charged. Looking forward to where the story will end up going in this season.

White Album

Interestingly as I will be leaving Akane-Iro behind a new series that looks to be right in the romantic category comes out. Don’t know much besides what is in the summary, but sounds like it will be a series full of charged emotions. Combing romantic relationship with an idol with the problem of having feelings for someone else. Anyways, have to give credit for the leads for the girls in this one. Think many will end up watching this for those girls alone. But honestly it sounds like it will be interesting at least. Hopefully it’s not another case of me being wholly supportive of the underdog.

Slayers Evolution-R 4th Season

It was tougher to choose Slayers than I might have thought a year ago. Slayers was one of the first anime series I had ever seen so it has a special place for me. The first seasons managed to mix humor, action, and tension in a good way. When watching the first half of this fourth season thought they lost a bit of the magic. Probably hurt that this was not part of the original novels and they were tossing in characters like Zel and Amelia without giving them proper power development. Still looking forward to this one since Slayers is usually a fun series to watch so will likely enjoy this one.

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Minami-ke Okaeri

The first two seasons, despite their differences between animation companies and so on are some of my favorite comedy shows of all time. I laughed so hard at points throughout the first two seasons so I have to watch this and I think that for a pure comedy show, there’s not much that can really disappoint. I think the comedy will be fine.

Asu no Yoichi

As I’ve said before I’m a fan of horrible shows that are school/romance/comedy and I’m pretty much expecting this to be one of those. An ecchi series with no real plot, but sometimes I feel like watching a mindless show, and this will be it.


Birdy the Might DECODE:02

Really have to say the issue with the first season of this anime was having a stupid sounding title. You put that aside and you will find a nice series hidden in there. Not often you have lead characters meeting each other in the fashion you see in this one. Besides Birdy’s power is pretty overwhelming and that makes it fun to watch animated. Hoping she’ll get some solid action over the course of the second season. Uncertain how often I’ll be posting since it will be in quick post fashion. But expecting a nice combination of action and hopefully some character development for Birdy.

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  1. I’ll go for only a few shows this season. KuroKami – which looks quite promising in the PV; Maria Holic – for some unique humor; Axis Powers Hetalia – because I’m addicted to it; and White Album – because of the seiyuus. I heard that KyoAni’s Munto would be moved to this season too. I think I’ll try that too.

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