Takumi’s life is threatened by Sena and he receives phone calls that have tragic implications.


Ok will say sorry for how far behind this one ended up being. Part of it was the major exams last week completely sucking up my time. Then of course after picked up Persona 4 and its been tough to pull myself away from it long enough to do anything else. Will try to do some catchup and it should turn out alright.

Still this was a major episode for some revelations. The Shogun=Takumi thing really didn’t surprise me since I’ve been calling it since the first moment he wheeled himself into the scene. Of course I have little idea about what is going on here. The scene at the end with Rimi saying Takumi has no home to return to combines to a strange situation. Is it possible everything we’ve been seeing is a massive delusion made by Shogun? The talk about dreams before leaves a lot of questions for us. No house definitely means something incredibly strange is going on here. It reminds you now that we’ve never heard or had any contact with Takumi’s father. We have heard Nanami talk about him and how the phone was important for contact. But the father has never phoned and Takumi is far from the kind of person that will phone anyone. At any rate the situation around Taku continues to get stranger. Visiting the hospital so many times with Shogun around makes one wonder just what the heck is going on here.

Who would have thought those silly frogs would be an important plot point? But honestly this episode made me want to toss Takumi out a window for sucking as a brother. I mean seriously his sister has been kidnapped and he’s assuming them to be prank calls? Nanami may have silly moments but have never seen the girl in the series actually trick Takumi like that. Assuming Nozomi is letting her make those calls to try and lure Takumi in since he is such an important person for them. They must have been shaking their heads when that first call didn’t do the trick. At least Takumi looked a bit better near the end with heading home to check on Nanami. I’m sure that’s not a place he likes to visit so shows he has some nice qualities wanting to go and confirm things.

I’d like to say Ayase is nuts, but wouldn’t be surprised if her interpretation of future events is partially accurate. Feel bad for the girl with the horrible past she’s had. Definitely was treated for her problems in the past but that kind of treatment is more torture than anything. Am familiar with the basis for the water torture so considering they had her doing that for so long its no wonder she was screaming at every drop at the end. Good for her to get a D-Sword so she could get out of that mess. Definitely a rival after Takumi with how much she seems to like the guy.

Anyways looks like we’re going to be hitting a pretty intense run of episodes near the end. Getting a fight between Rimi and Sena just shows that. Rimi did incredibly well by hitting Sena with a huge delusion about her father (homeless guy). I’m sure she’ll get her meeting with him before the end. Though being on the streets like that makes it clear he was broken by the whole situation with his wife. But that doesn’t mean its alright at the end of the day. Plus we can’t forget about the detective assistant. He’s just the type you knew was going to be revealed as bad at some point. Though the creepy smile doesn’t mean he’s involved in the killings it does mean the guy is up to something.

Can’t wait to check out the next episode and see how events will unfold. Time to rescue Nanami!

2 thoughts on “CHAOS;HEAD – 09”

  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand what the heck’s going on. I hope it doesn’t turn into something like Koi Koi Seven, although I’ll admit this shoe appears to be more thought out.

    So Takumi is a delusion that creates delusions?

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